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TSM Episode 690: Breedus Reedus

With Not-E3 2022 on the horizon, the news enters its announcement-of-an-announcement phase, preparing gamers for the inevitable deluge of the Definitely-Not-E3 portion of June when new games and hardware are announced, and then mocked or celebrated.
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TSM Episode 689: News Deluge

After the drought, the deluge: SiliconNooB and Caspius are overwhelmed with so much news that they have to cram it in to every available part of the podcast, from the Playthrough to the Gaming Moment, and even in the Outro. It's a Newsplosion!
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TSM Episode 688: Long Plop Summer

As the customary date of E3 approaches, Caspius and SiliconNooB face the most dire shortage of newsworthy stories yet, and, despite an ongoing Chrono-themed playthrough, they find themselves forced, once again, to report on The Plop.
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TSM Episode 687: Of Kippers and Cabbage

Caspius and SiliconNooB review their progress on the playthrough, and then try to make five minutes of news last for over an hour, with predictable results: Kevin Costner updates, the kipper-and-cabbage diet plan, and Blizzard vs. Squeenix.
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TSM Episode 686: Portly Ports

Caspius and SiliconNooB review playthrough progress on Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger (is anyone playing Radical Dreamers?), rejoice at the advancement of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's release date, and then nearly come to blows after a spot of port.
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TSM Episode 685: Chrono Resurrection

Caspius and SiliconNooB review the first week of our Chrono-themed Playthroughs Revisited, discuss the announcement of several Kingdom Hearts games, and examine how Square Enix leadership is fostering classic-style JRPG development. Happy Easter!
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TSM Episode 684: Very Cross Indeed

Caspius and SiliconNooB launch the site's third Playthroughs Revisited feature--focusing on all things Chrono: Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, and Chrono Cross--before discussing the performance and features of the Radical Dreamers Edition remaster.
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TSM Episode 683: Boot Box

Upon hearing of boots, SiliconNooB comes over all Australian, complete with digeridoo music and kangaroo grunting--but then, the heavens open, pouring forth in a veritable deluge of video game news, including Nintendo, Sony, ActiBlizzard, and Squeenix!
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TSM Episode 682: Syphilitic Pineapple

Caspius and SiliconNooB enter a second news-light week, and do their best to fill the space where news used to be by talking about their favourite cures for bunions, the best recipes for blancmange, and--of course--the hottest new pencils of 2022.
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TSM Episode 681: Take the A-Train

SiliconNooB makes a glorious return only to find that, in his absence, Caspius and Imitanis have used up all of the news! So begins the arduous task of creating more news for the auditory delight of The Starlight Megaphone's train-enthusiast fanbase.
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TSM Episode 679: Triangle Strategies

Caspius and SiliconNooB remember the legendary cricketer Shane Warne, and launch the site playthrough of Triangle Strategy with an in-depth examination of the game's presentation and a review of reader comments about dialogue, pacing, and voice acting.