Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder


Nickname: Caspius

Country: The United States of America 🇺🇸

Job Class: Scholar

Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII

Favourite Soundtrack: Final Fantasy VII

Favourite Genre: Japanese Role-playing Game

First System: Pong Console

Current Systems: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Wii

Twitter: CASPIVS

Hello! At this site, I host and produce The Starlight Megaphone, the official podcast of The Starlight Megaphone. And, as President and Editor-in-Chief, I also manage both the day-to-day affairs, and the long-term goals, of The Starlight Megaphone. When I am not hard at work keeping things afloat, I enjoy watching Test Cricket. We have worked hard to make The Starlight Megaphone the best site on the internet to get news on the video game industry in an entertaining way. And, we believe our discussion-centered style of reporting cannot be surpassed. We hope you agree! So, allow me to welcome you to The Starlight Megaphone.

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