Ethos Visits Caspius 2019 SLIDER

TSM Episode 700: From Ethos with Love

With the seventh century milestone, the Starlight Megaphone turns out in force, with Caspius, SiliconNooB, Imitanis, Mel, Sebastian, and Brock on the panel to discuss the sundry thoughts and vapid imaginings of the site's notorious co-founder, Ethos.
Super Mario 64 Screenshot 1 FEATURED

TSM Episode 699: Greedtendo

As the Metroid Dread playthrough spins into gear, Sebastian joins Caspius in person, and SiliconNooB connects via Australian Semaphor, to report on the latest news about Nintendo's upcoming--and astronomically overpriced--Switch Online Expansion Pass.
Metroid Dread Screenshot 5 FEATURED

TSM Episode 698: The Last Metroid

With the launch of the site's new playthrough--Metroid Dread--Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis discuss Samus Aran's future and the evident success of the latest iteration in the series, before taking a look at the new Stranger of Paradise demo.
Stranger of Paradise Trailer Screenshot 01 FEATURED

TSM Episode 697: No More Chaos

With the Tokyo Games Show in progress, Square Enix responds to the well-deserved mockery of the original, Chaos-laden Stranger of Paradise demo by abolishing any pretence of translation accuracy in the new, Chaos-laden Stranger of Paradise demo.
Castlevania Dracula X Map FEATURED

TSM Episode 696: Surprise Direct

The latest Nintendo Direct brings both expected news (Triangle Strategy's 2022 release date) and unexpected surprises (the immediate availability of the Castlevania Advance Collection), much to the delight of SiliconNooB and Caspius alike.
Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster Baron Castle Screenshot FEATURED

TSM Episode 695: LeakForce Now

Caspius and SiliconNooB dig into the GeForce NOW hack and leak of potential in-development titles, including remasters and releases of Final Fantasy Tactics and Chrono Cross, but also the deeply worrying possibility of a Final Fantasy IX Remake.
Wild Arms SLIDER

TSM Episode 654: Focused on Japan

Caspius, Imitanis, and SiliconNooB report that Brock has become the second participant to earn a GOLD STAR in Skyward Sword, with Winter, LC11, and SiliconNooB bringing up the rear, whilst Imitanis dreams of a process-simulating, Link-focused, idle game.
Axiom Verge 2 Screenshot 1 FEATURED

TSM Episode 650: Axiom Surprise

Caspius and SiliconNooB are caught off-guard by the surprise announcement of Axiom Verge 2 but, whilst SiliconNooB works his way through Skyward Sword, Caspius completes the latest game from Tom Happ before the weekend is done--with a bonus outtake!
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