TSM Episode 712: Future Pixel Remasters

Many games, old and new, might deserve a pixel remaster.

Download Link: Released on 1 May 2023

Caspius and SiliconNooB discuss long-distance space travel, Lady Gaga news, and the potential existence of Bupworld, before moving on to the topics at hand: the approach of a new Zelda game, and what other games might benefit from a pixel remaster.


  1. Mina the Hollower looks great. I’m glad they’re back to developing the kinds of games the audience they gained through Shovel Knight want to play.
    If a pixel remaster is what it takes to get Chrono Trigger on Switch, that’s just great. I think it deserves a HD-2D version, just the thought of which seeps into my imagination like a drag of opium into a euphoric haze.
    I’d like a Quintet trilogy pixel remaster release; mostly to get them out again, and they can use the gentle upgrades while doing so.
    OR Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI, based on the DS versions. Wouldn’t those be fantastic? Don’t we all want them on Switch?
    Having said my wishes, throw them out because the next rerelease of any style will definitely be Bahamut Lagoon.

  2. Remakes/rereleases of DQ 4-9 are much needed on the Switch, which is one of the reasons I was perplexed about the decision to make a 2D-HD version of DQ3. We already have that on Switch! But for Squeenix, logic does not matter.

    I am hoping that we get a Chrono Trigger rerelease or remaster. It has been many years now, and they have a generation of kids playing Chrono Cross on Switch who may not have ever played Chrono Trigger. If they want to maintain the potency of their classic games, they need to keep them in circulation.

  3. I’m a little more perplexed by the HD-2D version of Live A Live. Maybe they chose DQIII for being such a cultural icon in Japan, like it’s the one all those kids skipped school for.
    I’d love DQ VII-IX on Switch too. The first two wouldn’t be too tough. They’d just have to decouple the DSi features from IX but I never used those once and had a wonderful time with it; totally holds up as a single-player game.
    I don’t know if they’re waiting on a 4K-2D engine or what to put Chrono Trigger out again.

  4. What a bummer getting through a wormhole and discovering mankind has lived there for a thousand years 😂

  5. Exactly! ‘So much for exploring! The thrill of the unknown! Oh well, at least there’s a McDonald’s.’

  6. The suggestion of FFXI is actually amazing, although I don’t want it to be a too stripped down version. I want something ala Xenoblade aka single player MMO.

    I also am baffled by the lack of DQ IV-VI on Switch so how about giving DQ I-VI the FF PR treatment.

    Although the DQIII Octopath style looked incredible and I would maybe prefer it for DQ.

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