TSM Episode 711: Indie Titans of Tomorrow

Could Yacht Club rival Electronic Arts in fifteen years?

Download Link: Released on 24 April 2023

In the wake of the Nintendo Indie World stream, Caspius and Imitanis discuss the future of today’s hottest indie companies, and speculate about which indie companies of the present will become the massive international development titans of tomorrow.


  1. WayForward is a top-tier indie developer to me. They’ve got multiple successful franchises, and now doing work directly for Nintendo, and have worked on mainstream franchises before like Contra and Double Dragon. There’s a Swedish studio named Ludosity who has made great games like Ittle Dew and Princess Remedy, who developed that Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl – which wasn’t great, but bear in mind made by like 5 people. Tribute Games, formes by the folks who worked on Scott Pilgrim at Ubisoft Montreal, has been making retro-styled indie games like Mercenary Force and Panzer Paladin, just did TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. So there’s a few studios who’ve been plugging away for years which are now working on mainstream franchise games.
    IntiCreates makes just fine games at a good pace; I just wish they could bring in some new creative talent or partner with another indie dev to bring them from like B+ to A quality games. Yacht Club I’m kind of disappointed with their output; it’s been silly spin-offs and publishing other people’s games since Shovel Knight over 10 years ago now.
    While I really appreciate the personal artistry of like a Tom Happ, Joakim Sandberg, or Maddy Thorson, I wish those kind of single-developer studios would partner with a bigger one more often to have those extra resources and make rhe next level of something great. There’s always going to be a new person toiling away for 5-10 years at their personal passion project; let them be that for their time and the last generation fill the next level gap.
    Finally, I really appreciate Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman’s music too; one of the things I really love about the Shantae series.

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