TSM Episode 710: Final Reality

Final Fantasy XVI once again prioritises realism.

Download Link: Released on 17 April 2023

Caspius and SiliconNooB discuss the decline and fall of Final Fantasy as the paradigmatic example of the Japanese RPG genre, examining not only why it has been dethroned, but also which games have taken its place as modern exemplars of JRPGs.


  1. Great discussions both this week and last. I wonder what it would be here in Norway. I feel like maybe DQ isn’t as well known. Maybe Persona, but I feel like it might still be FF, but that the FF you think if is likely an older entries. I wouldn’t be surprised either if you say rpg and they say Elden Ring.

  2. Thanks, Winter!

    Elden Ring is becoming the definitive ‘RPG’ in a general sense, which is interesting because of how comparatively new its mechanics are. But as S’NooB said, the gameplay is fundamentally solid, and there’s so little of that these days! It seems extremely stable and monolithic by comparison.

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