TSM Episode 703: Open Worlds and Closed Worlds

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is about to become a very closed world.

Download Link: Released on 31 October 2022

Caspius and SiliconNooB make predictions for the 2022 holiday season, recap the No Man’s Sky playthrough, and discuss what makes for successful and unsuccessful open-world games and sandbox experiences, before cheering The First Soldier’s demise.


  1. Thank you for making a podcast in the busy times you’re in right now! Really enjoyed it and appreciate it.

    You might not know it, but I actually do really enjoy SciFi. Not a Star Wars fan, but the travelling planets, the discoveries and I also enjoy books that take on ethics and society such as 1984, the more recent Never Let Me Go and so on.
    And in games I love beautiful scenery so that’s why I thought it would actually be a game for me. Unfortunately the timing wasn’t great for the wallet 😅 We have had some crazy bad luck this autumn changing front glass in car twice in a month! Now dishwasher broke. Just been one of those seasons 😂

    For that reason I’m very happy with a Pokemon playthrough since that’s a game I’m getting and playing right away! I also got Star Ocean recently since husband want to play it too. And I’m loving it! We both are!
    Other rhan that it’s Doraemon today. And apart from those I’m looking at Tactics Ogre, Dragon Quest Treasures, Romancing SaGa Minstrel of course and possibly Crisis Core. They will probably be added to the Christmas wishlist so personally I would prefer running Pokemon playthrough longer rather than Crisis Core. Of all of them I’m most interested in Romancing SaGa MS., but I just feel it will get a playasia release so I’m going go check that and wait if not I think. We will see. Definitely Pokemon though!

  2. I’ve never played Crisis Core or Tactics Ogre, so I’m looking forward to playing both of them soon. Although I absolutely loved Final Fantasy Tactics, I’ve never tried the War of the Lions version and would love to have it on the Switch one day. I’m still really enjoying Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, over 90 hours logged, so I don’t know when I’ll move onto something else!

  3. @Winter: Yikes! I hope that your winter is a bit nicer than your autumn. I have to change my windscreen too. A mad lorry driver swerving all over the highway threw a bunch of rocks diagonally across traffic and hit my car!

    The season keeps becoming more and more packed. Today we learned of the 30 November release of Front mission. That’s better than a major release each week in November. Save your pocket money!

    @Tanzenmatt: Tactics Ogre is by far the better of the two, but Crisis Core is absolutely worth playing at least once. And don’t forget that we get a new Fire Emblem in January!

  4. Hopefully 😅 Bad luck gotta end sometime.

    Definitely packed! But that leaves room to wish for a couple of games for Christmas too so that’s fine.

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