TSM Episode 702: A Gaming Experience

Super Metroid was one of the most immersive experiences of the era.

Download Link: Released on 3 October 2022

Caspius and Imitanis review the ongoing Final Fantasy VII playthrough, report a bevy of announcements from Nintendo and Sony, and then discuss just what makes for a great gaming experience, particularly for games that are not RPGs or JRPGs.


  1. It’s the sometimes-ly celebration of that time when there was Info Blast!

    This is a little late because I didn’t see that you’d gone monthly and the actual anniversary was the 14th.

    I honestly have not listened to this episode yet, but may do so. It took me a very long time to find this site. Last time I was here it was the day tonight or something like that. Kinda makes sense to rebrand it with the podcast I guess, but it did not show up on searches for Lusipurr or TheDayTonight.

    Anyways, it’s nice to see that you guys are still going. I play very few video games these days. I’m mostly returning to Roguelikes: Hades, Slay the Spire, and Into the Breach. I did play Metroid Dread all the way through last year, and that was really good. My gaming these days is mostly D&D. I’m running 3.5 D&D games. That is, I’m running three and one half games of D&D, not using the 3.5 edition. They’re all 5th edition. It’s a good time.


  2. Welcome back, DiceAdmiral! It’s been awhile!

    We just recorded the November episode yesterday evening, or else we would’ve included your comment and had an info blast nostalgia chat. I miss the info blast!

    The rebranding made sense for the reasons you mentioned: and we are only monthly for a little while. I’m at Princeton now, and quite busy, but I’ll be back to my usual schedule in the spring when the academic term ends.

    I’m glad to hear you’re playing D&D – although I am in the camp of those who believe 3.5 is superior to 5. But then, the best games of D&D I ever played were under 3.5, so that probably colours my judgement. I miss those campaigns!

    Please do feel free to join our discord – it’s a great way to stay in touch with staff and readers alike. The chat is usually pretty good!

  3. Shame that I missed the recording. I might have downloaded that to hear the flashback. Why do you record them 2 weeks before? That must make it difficult to have timely conversations.
    I assume that “at Princeton” means you’re teaching/researching there? Surely you’re done with the degrees by now. You have a PhD right? Dr. Caspius?

    Yeah, D&D is awesome. It’s probably my primary hobby these days. I have good groups of players. I’m running 2 games based on official WotC books, 1 entirely homebrew, and 1 backup game that is also entirely homebrew that we only play when someone can’t make the main game. Thank God they’re not all weekly though. That would kill me. I do 1 weekly, 1 biweekly, and 1 monthly. For Halloween I did a crossover event between 2 of the games and took everyone to a planet made entirely of food where they had to go undercover as candy to try and rescue the King of Flavortown. It’s very silly. Also most of the PCs turned cannibal and ate the fried humans and dwarf meat pies that the foodites served them. “The party eats People” was not on my bingo card. The normal campaigns a lot more serious.

    I may join the Discord, but I rarely participate in most of the servers I’m in other than the one I run D&D from.

    I should touch on literature since that’s a thing I used to enjoy here. I’m in a book club now and we’re doing Hogfather for this quarter. I love a good Discworld book. This one is pretty good but a lot of the other readers are a little lost about the whole Death rules and whatnot. I’m also reading through The Chronicles of the Black Company, which I’m really enjoying. I’m more used to the Sanderson style of fantasy where the magic has rules but it’s fun to dive into a series where the magic is mysterious and dangerous and the POV character can’t use it.

  4. @DiceAdmiral: My work schedule keeps me very busy, and so it is difficult for me (a) to find free time that overlaps with that of the other staff members and (b) to have ample time to edit and prepare the episode. Consequently, we sometimes have to record them a fortnight in advance. News is not really the focus of the podcast, so it is not a major concern.

    I am a research fellow at Princeton. I defended my Ph.D. back in 2018 (how time flies!).

    Do join the Discord! We have a few people who only participate sporadically, but that’s perfectly alright. I can’t chat every single day, but I try to be in the channel when I can, which is pretty frequently. We do have some great discussions there.

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