TSM Episode 699: Against Randomness

Loot boxes are the hateful endpoint of RNG mechanics.

Download Link: Released on 25 July 2022

In the penultimate weekly newscast from The Starlight Megaphone, and bringing to end thirteen and a half years of regular news updates, Caspius and SiliconNooB inveigh against randomness in video games: gacha mechanics, loot boxes, boss drops, and more.


  1. “Raibu A Raibu” is transliterating English words to Japanese katakana. There are no L or V sounds so it’s as close as it can get; literally trying to say “live” the way you’ve figured it out. Not that it means anything in Japanese. The fact that it’s “raibu” and not “ribu” gives it away.

  2. [Lady Gaga news link removed. There is no Lady Gaga news. -Caspius]
    Rpgamer to review stray to keep the cat fancy moniker.

  3. Dead end job to be reviewed by Bup for September 2022. Lusipurr renounces hatred of Fable Series and says those games are Games of the century

  4. Ding. 700. Gratz. That’s what they used to say, right? In, like, 2004.

    I would have loved to have written a lengthy post about how fantastic the last 700 episodes have been, drawing attention to all the hilarious moments, different perspectives and attitudes provided by the roster of panelists over the years, but there’s simply not enough time to write anything that would do it all justice. Especially not at 3am the night before the episode is due to be recorded.

    I am aware that this is entirely my fault, because I a procrastinating IDIOT.

    In short, it’s all been amazing and I’ve truly loved every second. The genesis, when petals blowing in the wind could be considered high art. (Also probably a line in ‘Loveless’, incidentally.) Lusipurr earnestly trying to make a proper podcast in spite of everything and everyone around him. The slow disintegration of seriousness and the birth of something else; something sincere but also wild. The Megaphones Ahoy girls. Pokémon karaoke. Australian semaphore. Nate fully embracing his Bupness. Lady Gaga news. Intervention calls to Oliver Motok in order to explain what exploration actually entails.

    The podcast leaving the sea and reaching for the stars. Lusipurr earnestly trying to make a proper podcast. Again. Then hot air balloons. Plastic chairs. Goblins. Lusi describing pencils. Miley Cyrus news. Oh well, we tried. Lusi evolving into Caspi, and, it must be said, remaining largely the same (in a good way). Then numerous other things that I wish I could recall but can’t, due to a combination of a useless memory, and the podcast archive being accessible to only the lucky few, like floors in the Shinra Building. One day I hope to hear the shows again before being murdered by a man with a comically-large sword.

    This is, however, merely a broad sweep of the Megaphone’s history, and does not yet cover my own personal experience. It’s fair to say that the podcast crew have been there for me through thick-and-thin without even knowing it. The early years when I was just happy to hear anything at all that wasn’t RPGCast. To vicariously enjoy other young people’s discussions on gaming news who were also unafraid to banter and lean into the anarchic. Then came the weird, lonely ennui years when I relished videogame company implosions; seeking solace in news of Dragon Age II being a cynical, low-ambition, half-baked mess, and EA being the worst company in the world. Which became a running theme. I still tear up thinking of the moment they received their first Golden Turd. As, I’m sure, do they.

    You were there at my wedding, as was Chris Privetere – uninvited, as it turns out, and moaning about the receipt of an unwanted saltlick, codenamed ‘Zestria’. You’d think he would have been more grateful.
    You were there when my wife and I moved into our home, and were also at the birth of my first child. Not the grisly bits, if it helps. Not there at all at my second child’s birth, incidentally, but he doesn’t hold it against you. As far as I can tell. But your banter was an important part of our household at that time and I will be forever grateful for it.

    In general, thanks to all the folks who have been on the show over the years. Ethos, Riddles, Lane, Ginia, Jennifer, Bup, Imatinis, Gyme, Reetin, Mel, Imatanis, Zoltan, and all the others. I hope none of ‘the others’ are on the 700th show or I will feel guilty. If this does happen, please pass along that I admired them the most, whoever they are.

    In closing, please allow two quick mentions. As Caspi has increasingly stated of late, there’s no show without SiliconNoob. There just isn’t, is there. S’noob has been there through thick and thin, through the bad times and the worse, always with a quip, insightful commentary and a ‘g’d’. He proves the age-old adage that good neighbours can become good friends. Please ask him to tell Kylie and Jason ‘hi’ next time he sees them.

    Also, while I have never exchanged words with the one known as ‘Thea’, she featured in at least one episode of the podcast, and she continues to feature heavily in Caspius’ life, so it must be acknowledged that she is truly the strongest of us all. Platinum trophy for you, madam.

    Anyway, I’m gonna shut up now. I truly wish you the very best of luck in your new endeavours, and I very much look forward to this letter feeling needlessly melodramatic when the podcast continues to exist.

    God bless, Godspeed, blame yourself or God,


  5. (…for the record, I do actually know how to spell ‘Imitanis’, and I’m fairly certain there’s only one of him)

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