TSM Episode 697: Focus

Final Fantasy VII Remake shows a distinct lack of focus.

Download Link: Released on 11 July 2022

Caspius and SiliconNooB discuss the first of the Caspius Commandments, Focus, instructing developers to pare away extraneous and distracting material from their games. Say goodbye to sphere grid, blitzball, tetra master, and 3D mech battle arenas!


  1. In this episode, I said that there will not be a website, when I should have said that there will not be a podcast-focused website. Per the Discord #Announcements channel, I should like to clarify:

    As announced in the podcast, weekly podcasting will end on 1 August with the release of TSM Episode 700. The website and the Discord will not be closed, and playthroughs will continue.

    Podcasts will still be done as special events, but not weekly as news podcasts. Instead, they will be discussion- or event-centred (such as after E3 or TGS), and likely somewhat longer (90-120 minutes instead of ~60). Weekly podcasts MAY resume next year–we will see! Until then, we will be releasing the special podcasts periodically (we’re hoping for about 1-2 per month) to tide you over!

    The original plan was to end podcast numbering, but that may change. All podcasts from 700 will be kept online (until and unless we reach our storage limit, and then we will have to reevaluate). They will no longer expire after 12 weeks.

    As the situation develops, our approach may change, but we will keep you updated via announcements here and on the podcast. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

    In addition, because the site will remain operational (and podcasts will continue), we will continue to accept Patreon contributions. However, our financial needs will decrease. I will provide a BUDGET UPDATE in TSM 698, explaining the circumstances so that you can make an informed decision about whether to begin/end patreon support.

    Thank you for your understanding! I love you all!

  2. The best end of anything happens when youd personal life becomes too rich and important for more extraneous things and have to move on. There is nothing more important in a man’s life than his family and whichever career he has to support them.

    I’ve looked forward to the podcast every week for 10+ years now. It’s been a constant source of entertainment for me for a long time. I’ve learned long ago how to appreciate something now belongs in the past and I’m lucky to have had it when I did, so I’m nothing but happy for you moving on.

    More has been said and analyzed in the exegesis of the video game medium and industry here than anywhere else, by far. It seems to have always been destined for just a lucky few to come upon and follow the site.

    I’d like to thank Caspius for everything, but I’d also like to thank SilliconN00b for being the critical other-half this entire time as well.

    I am looking forward to longer-form podcasts here-and-there though! No pressure; whenever you have time for it.

  3. It’s been an amazing journey listening to the podcast! I don’t think I’ve been here since the very start of the podcasts, but very close.
    If I remember rightly, there have been 2 or 3 different iterations, Megaphones ahoy podcast, Starlight megaphone and maybe one other?
    I remember listening to Bup’s Lady Gaga chat and a lot of other daft but hilarious chat.
    Thank you for providing such good banter and commentary on one of my favourite industries and hobbies.
    It’s very relatable that you have less and less time for games the older you get, I find very little time to comment and stay active in communities and find I don’t have as much time to play games as I used to. Take your time and hopefully the new ventures work out well in your new position.
    Good luck for the future to all the staff and readers!

  4. I really said how much loved TSM in that Itunes review I wrote. It’s been a pleasure to listen and participate with the site for the last 9+ years.

    Among all of the great things I got out of this podcast one of the greater ones a greater appreciation for literature and poetry. Most of all, I loved the Once and Future King and was pretty excited when I won a copy from the drawings you used to do. It’s nice to know Critical Readings will go on as I enjoy that podcast also.

    I also wish nothing but happiness for everyone in the community so it’s nice to hear about your success Caspius. Good luck in all your personal endeavours.

  5. I remain hopeful that we can resume more regular podcasts next summer, but I can’t make any guarantees: I’ll either be in a new job or looking for one, and who knows what it could be. Might be something very demanding, or it might not.

    I don’t know that there would ever be any serious impediment to posting less frequent podcasts, one or two a month. Even if we only did one a month, I think that could still be fun. They would be longer, but the longer format could give us time to do things that we can’t do right now, and would also be more compelling for our panellists.

    One of the difficulties of doing a podcast for so long is that the pool of participants shrinks, and they are less inclined to show up at all, because it’s an every week thing. The novelty of it wears off. But if we do episodes less frequently, they become more of an “event”. Hopefully that could make for a bigger panel and, as I said, some new things that we can’t do with just the two of us.

    In any case, although things will change, I don’t think it will be for the worse. So, please stay tuned!

    And, “please look forward to it.”

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