TSM Episode 694: Final Fantasy VII RE-fund

The Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy is determined to go off the well-trodden path.

Download Link: Released on 20 June 2022

With nearly all of the Not-E3 news conferences completed, and the site-wide playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 halfway done, Caspius and SiliconNooB report on the latest from MicroBethActiBlizzKing, Capcpom, and the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary.


  1. So, in Shredder’s Revenge if you lose your 3 lives or whatever and continue, you restart the stage? I think there could be options for # of lives and continues, but that’s Arcade mode for you. Makes it play like an arcade game. Doesn’t Streets Of Rage 4 do this too? Besides that, is there something unique about Arcade mode which seperates it from Story? I’d assume no cutscenes but don’t know what else.
    I’m glad to hear that besides the above criticism, it’s a beautiful game that plays well mechanically. Since it’s the same team of people who developed Scott Pilgrim vs The World and that was criticized for its gameplay.

  2. I’m half-awake, half-dreaming when I reliazed I talked out of my ass a little.Arcade games never functioned as starting you from the beginning of the level when you put a new coin in beat-em-ups (but can we agree on a different genre name). Shoot-em-ups (please that too) mostly did.
    S’Noobs example from the Genesis works well, but then it has to be an option; either have a set # of continues and when you run out it is Game Over and you start again from the beginning of the game, because that’s how it worked on Genesis, or you can choose what you have now.
    My point being that what you have now isn’t fucked, it just has room to be more convenient for different people. I restarted a few levels in Streets Of Rage 4 before I could get good enough to beat it. I know how it feels to just want to get it over with. But there’s no real challenge if you can continue all over the place, and starting from the beginning of the game would actually be fucked.
    It’s almost as if the Arcade mode should have some sort of difficulty setting to solve this, bit I don’t know if it does, I don’t have it.

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