TSM Episode 691: Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 playthrough has begun!

Download Link: Released on 30 May 2022

Caspius and SiliconNooB begin the site-wide playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by actually playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Then, they prime the Not-E3 news pump with a rundown of all the presentations scheduled for the traditional E3 period in June.


  1. I don’t know how respectful Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yet, although I hope it can be very respectful if I ever decide to start on it. I do remember Fire Emblem: Three Houses to be the one originally most respectful of one’s time with its many difficulty settings.

    Thank you for your magnanimity on sending both of us a reward!

    I did actually used to play the podcast on speakers in a workplace, after everyone else left of course. There were much ruder episodes back then.

  2. @Tanzenmatt: XBC2 can be made EXTREMELY respectful of your time– grovelling, obsequious, and solicitous, should you wish it.

    I can imagine Bup booming out over the work loudspeakers. That’s just asking for a workplace lawsuit!

  3. I vote SiliconNooB will definitely make it to the title screen in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by the time of next podcast. I have faith! 😂

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