TSM Episode 689: News Deluge

The Nintendo Switch is looking to scale new heights.

Download Link: Released on 16 May 2022

After the drought, the deluge: SiliconNooB and Caspius are overwhelmed with so much news that they have to cram it in to every available part of the podcast, from the Playthrough to the Gaming Moment, and even in the Outro. It’s a Newsplosion!


  1. I wouldn’t call the pose on that Tifa statue after Jack-O’ especially, whose hips and torse are significantly and cartoonishly more vertical.
    I will guess 40 for this week’s CaspiQuiz. I figure including physical and digital copies and the wideness of the genre it has to be a lot. The number 40 bears some small similarity to the number 20, even while it has at least one profound difference.

  2. For the Caspi quiz, I think you’d have 16 platformers. I gleaned from the episode it was close to the number of RPGs, but not as many.

    I really hope the next switch is really similar and Nintendo can keep some momentum between generations. From GameCube to wii there was so much difference in platforms and sales, and then same again from Wii to Wii U. It’s like they forget everything good they’ve done and start over from scratch. They have a good generation and then a bad one seems to always follow.
    Like you said on the episode, the next switch will no doubt be a clamshell design of 2 duct taped together switches with stereoscopic 3D that gives you a migraine just looking at it.

    Sony are going to have to drop the price or get a few million more chips off the back of a lorry somewhere to hit those targets. Are Microsoft having the same supply chain issues?

  3. 19 platformers 🤔

    Talk of new Nintendo generation makes me nervous. A part of me just want Switch to go on. And I have enough games to last me a lifetime or at least half one probably. Definitely nervous for the change. If they keep backwards compability then I think it could be good and they could just roll on. But if they don’t have that then they might be in trouble. There’s so many great games released on Switch, getting to use them on the new one is key. I know many that has truly collected for a console for the first time with the Switch.

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