TSM Episode 688: Long Plop Summer

Citizen Sleeper brings together sim and visual novel elements.

Download Link: Released on 9 May 2022

As the customary date of E3 approaches, Caspius and SiliconNooB face the most dire shortage of newsworthy stories yet, and, despite an ongoing Chrono-themed playthrough, they find themselves forced, once again, to report on The Plop.


  1. I have no idea how many games you have and in what order, but I also have four Switch groups: Neo Geo, Classics, Indie, and Physical. Can you guess how many games are in my Neo Geo folder?
    Thr number 17 comes to mind, so that’s my answer to this week’s CaspiQuiz.

  2. Riff Trax is actually the original creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000 doing what they did before leaving the show.

  3. The return of the plop!? An ill omen indeed…I had a good thought, can you…accidentally on purpose swap the Plop with some of the passages that you read in your Critical Readings Podcast? I’d love to see what your academic colleagues and students think of that literature!

    My guess for the Caspiquiz is 45 for the RPG folder, thats fairly similar to the amount I might have if I’d organised them into folders. I think it could be higher, but if you’re like me, you might not have them all downloaded on one switch.

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