TSM Episode 687: Of Kippers and Cabbage

Diablo IV is just one of many highly-anticipated upcoming games from Blizzard.

Download Link: Released on 2 May 2022

Caspius and SiliconNooB review their progress on the playthrough, and then try to make five minutes of news last for over an hour, with predictable results: Kevin Costner updates, the kipper-and-cabbage diet plan, and Blizzard vs. Squeenix.


  1. Yeah, I’m not completing Chrono Cross. I started playing Monkey Island and Day Of The Tentacle and Guilty Gear and having fun instead.
    I’m just going to guess 16 for the CaspiQuiz and hope I’m right.

  2. @Tanzenmatt: Giving up already!? There’s more than a month to go!

  3. I was a Dude, huh. I didn’t quit and go back to the city though. Well not till recently lol

  4. 8. Also did you hear about squaresoft selling their western studios? And a bunch of their ip’s?

  5. @PubPibs: We read the news.

    Again: the reason that late-breaking news isn’t in the podcast is because it breaks after the podcast is recorded.

    When you listen to the podcast, it’s not live. We recorded it on Saturday.

  6. It’s honestly hard to play Chrono Cross right after Chrono Trigger. I should have done it the other way around if I really wanted 3 stars. It’s like doing a Final Fantasy VIII playthrough having just finished Final Fantasy VII.

  7. @Tanzenmatt: Uh oh, I just reached Black Omen in Chrono Trigger, too…

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