TSM Episode 684: Very Cross Indeed

Our playthrough of Chrono Cross (and Trigger) has begun!

Download Link: Released on 11 April 2022

Caspius and SiliconNooB launch the site’s third Playthroughs Revisited feature–focusing on all things Chrono: Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, and Chrono Cross–before discussing the performance and features of the Radical Dreamers Edition remaster.


  1. Thank you Caspius for taking one for the team for a Stranger Of Paradise review.
    Speaking of that, my girlfriend was ribbing me the other day saying what if they made a new Legend Of Zelda, but he was dressed all in street clothes and it had swag rock? And I had to say, they just did that exact thing to Final Fantasy, and you should also see what they did to the last one.

  2. YUP.

    “What if Link were a real ‘baller’ dude, and listened to P Diddly and Kanye and Drake?”

    “Why then, my dear, I should vomit.”

  3. Can’t wait for the Stranger of Paradise review!
    For the Caspiquiz – another difficult question!
    I think you bounced pretty hard on Infernax if I remember rightly. Ni no kuni 2 on switch, I think you bought it on switch on sale and havent played it yet.

    I thought Chasm would be my third choice… I think you might have played that one on ps4 and therefore not played it much or have it on your backlog.

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