TSM Episode 682: Syphilitic Pineapple

In Overwatch, attacking players must often push a payload to a destination defended by the opposing team.

Download Link: Released on 28 March 2022

Caspius and SiliconNooB enter a second news-light week, and do their best to fill the space where news used to be by talking about their favourite cures for bunions, the best recipes for blancmange, and–of course–the hottest new pencils of 2022.


  1. So for the Caspi-Quiz, it has to be a game that you’d put a lot of time into but which also bugs you enough that you’d eventually want it out of your sight. I have some suspicions, but my first guess is Diablo III.

  2. News Flash! Caspius and Lusipurr are actually twins whose vie for control of good or evil

  3. This felt like Overwatch half hour again. It sounds a truly miserable experience, why do you put up with the game? The result was another rather hilarious podcast though!

    For the Caspi quiz, I think you might have bought and sold Xenoblade Chronicles 2 the most. I’m not even remotely confident about that one, but I know you kept going back to the game? I think.

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