TSM Episode 681: Take the A-Train

Selphie loves trains!

Download Link: Released on 21 March 2022

SiliconNooB makes a glorious return only to find that, in his absence, Caspius and Imitanis have used up all of the news! So begins the arduous task of creating more news for the auditory delight of The Starlight Megaphone’s train-enthusiast fanbase.


  1. I think they still are called cross-ties still in the US. I used them to build my fences with. Two local farm supply places sold them for 8-10 dollars. You are right they do last for ever. I had some I put in when I bought the farm 30 years ago. The town I lived in had a railway in the middle of the town. Those needed to be replaced every 10 years.

  2. Adding in my two cents to the illusion of democracy.

    I’m very very for Chrono Cross. Will be playing it for sure day one.

    I’m definitely playing XC3, and would vote that. If there was democracy that is 😂

  3. I actually laughed a lot at this episode which sounded like an hour and a half of trains and Overwatch minutiae.

    I always thought that they are called Railway sleepers. From a British perspective at least. We also had a lot of dismantling our train service between the 50s and 70s I believe when nationalisation of the train service went on. They didn’t dismantle the lines in all cases, but just shut down a lot of the lines and stations, as coal and other industry fell off and cars became more available. Its a shame because we’re really needing more trainlines now in the more rural areas, so there is talk of reactivating some of them.
    My second railway related thing to chip in. One of my friends from uni built me a replica of Cloud’s Buster sword made from railway sleepers. I don’t cosplay or anything, but when he said he was building stuff in his workshop again I had to request a buster sword…

    Lastly, I think Chrono Cross would be a good choice for the playthrough, I’ve actually never played it yet as it never came to Europe as far as know.

    I think I actually know this Caspi Quiz answer this week! Or at least have more of an idea. I think I heard on a previous episode. Is it Tracer that you run in Overwatch?

  4. I have never played Overwatch and have no idea about the character names so we’re going with Bob 😂

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