TSM Episode 680: Debuts, Demos, and Delays

Diofield Chronicles has some graphical similarities to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Download Link: Released on 14 March 2022

When SiliconNooB is out sick with an attack of Aus-Blight, Imitanis joins Caspius for a discussion of the latest progress in the Triangle Strategy playthrough, and the week’s avalanche of game announcements, demo releases, and development delays.


  1. For the Caspi-Quiz,
    I’ll go with;
    Metroid Dread. Think you’ve 100%’d it and not sure if the update added anything you’re interested in playing through again.

    Pokémon Sword-again I don’t think you’ll go back to this one as far as I can tell.

    Splatoon 2-I think you’ve no doubt already sold this. Your ire for the game was particularly potent

  2. I’m quite inter interested in this new Diofield tactical RPG but with a bit of hesitancy. It does look a little bit bland to me so far.

    I also need to decide if I want to go down the route of a first gaming PC in maybe 20 yrs or a PS5 for the “next gen” RPGs coming out. My switch is fine for now but there will be games like the new Valkyrie Profile which I’ll miss out on. I’m not keen to make the jump to either option just yet

  3. I’m not moving to next gen till I can go to a store and pick up a console with out going through scalpers. I’m fine with my Switch and XB1

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