TSM Episode 679: Triangle Strategies

The inclusion of interaction sequences is one of the best additions to the genre of Tactical RPGs, and something which fans have requested for years.

Download Link: Released on 7 March 2022

Caspius and SiliconNooB remember the legendary cricketer Shane Warne, and launch the site playthrough of Triangle Strategy with an in-depth examination of the game’s presentation and a review of reader comments about dialogue, pacing, and voice acting.


  1. Re. the choice between Aesfrost and Hyzante at Chapter 3, Part II, I said that ‘Eventually, you do them both’. I should have said, ‘Eventually, you get both recruitable characters.’

    Both recruits eventually become available regardless of which route a player goes in. Since a lot of story is missed no matter how Serenoa chooses, players should really play through both if they get a chance.

    Note that this point of the game is the tutorial about the Voting system. Later on, the choices made matter a great deal more: choosing some routes gives access to some characters whilst totally permanently shutting off access to others.

  2. My sister 😊 Also my best friend though so not wrong. We aren’t playing all of it together, but when we were children we used to buy the same game and we started it together sitting for hours side by side. Even after we moved out we have gotten the same games and had weekends of starting it together. Don’t worry we will start XC3 on release day 😉 I don’t think we can wait for that one 😁

  3. I agree. Told my sister we have to do it on release day for that one 😎 I’m actually going to go so far as to say I will buy it digital first if my physical copy is late.

  4. The choice system is what intrigues me the most about Triangle Strategy. I’d like to see how that goes, but don’t believe that I’d put much time into it, as I’m still not really that far into Bravely Default after all these years.

    I’m guessing for the CaspiQuiz Borderlands 2.

  5. Oh that’s a good guess! I have been thinking and thinking. I don’t remember which games you sold Caspius 😂

  6. Regarding my handwriting, I had to laugh at that. Back in school in the 90s an English teacher tried to get me to take a course to improve it. I laughed and ignored her. And now I work in healthcare as an optometrist writing record cards during eye tests. Poor handwriting is almost a requirement!

    For the Caspi-Quiz, I’m leaning towards Zelda Breath of the wild. I think you played that a lot and ended up selling it. I sold my copy, I’m not exactly sure why. A friend wanted it I think.

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