TSM Episode 671: Worst of the Year 2021

This year’s winners are particularly fragrant!

Download Link: Released on 10 January 2022

Caspius and SiliconNooB deliver the industry-leading Worst of the Year 2021 awards, conferring infamy upon the worst company, hardware, and game of the previous year, before digging into news-poo of the NFT variety and reviewing the OLED Switch.


  1. I would say Evercade VS is a bit more than just emulation. It’s for people who enjoy physical media too. I got the Purple Evercade handheld this year, Evercade VS Founders Edition, normal Evercade VS and Polymega. Oh and Analogue Pocket. December was wild 😅

  2. Mary Skelter 3 (Finale) is on Switch already in fact, I got it for Christmas 🤗

  3. Can’t believe after all these years, I’ve finally gone Maverick. I hope you’re not out ta get me now, ’cause I don’t need no civil war. MMX5 was the Guns N’ F’n Roses entry, but on the Legacy Collection they restored it to analogues of the original names. The series had a way to go to reach that point, right next door to hell before the dust n’ bones of X7. And hey, I don’t mind if you do a Mega Man playthrough this year, it’s so easy that anything goes, and not such a bad obsession.
    I tried FFVIII and ran into the same problem as everybody else; it’s such a dead horse of a game. I tried FFXII but I’m RPG’d out for a while. I’m pretty tied up but I’ll see if I can try Wild Arms before the playthrough is over (would be my first time).

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