TSM Episode 670: Ashes to Ashes

Even against an absolutely busted opposition, an Ashes victory is still worth celebrating.

Download Link: Released on 3 January 2022

Caspius and SiliconNooB review the Australian Ashes victory over the statistically-worst English team ever to play Test Cricket, before embarking on a thrilling (and exhausting) round-up of the very last bits of 2021’s sudden, year-end news avalanche.


  1. I’ve been doing the Mega Man thing during this playthrough, and have gone through MM 1 through 8 and MM X1 through X5 so far. MM2 and X1 are still my favorites, MM7 surprised me as better than I thought it would be, MM8 is a mixed bag but does do some interesting things, and MMX2 is nearly as good as X1 but it goes steadily downhill from there.

  2. Yeah but I don’t know when the long-threatened Mega Man Playthrough was ever going to happen, and I wanted some time away from RPGs for a bit.

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