TSM Episode 666: Chrono Crossover

Is a Chrono Cross re-release really in the works?

Download Link: Released on 6 December 2021

Caspius and SiliconNooB enter the final pre-Ashes stretch with a review of the first week of Playthroughs Revisited II, before moving on to news that the NVIDIA and ARM merger is probably dead, and that Paper Mario and Aegis Rim are coming to Switch.


  1. Lusipurr’s Entirely Unscripted 666th Episode Extravaganza!
    My favorite game released in 2021 was Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, one of only three games I’ve bought from this year along with Metroid Dread and SMT V (so there’s my top 3). I’ve spent much of my gaming time this year working through Ys games, starting with Lacrimosa of Dana, through Memories of Celceta, Oath in Felghana, and now I’m playing Ark of Napishtim. Each time I get a little wary about feeling this next game isn’t going to be as good as the last, but end up finding a lot of enjoyment out if it. They have the #1 thing locked down tight – fun gameplay, with a decent enough story and quests and progression as extra pepperonis on the pizza pie.

  2. What was your process for playing them Tazenmatt? There are so meny versions of 1 and 2. I hate the bumping in those games

  3. I+II I’d already played many years ago, and my favorite version is actually Legacy of Ys Books I & II which came out on Nintendo DS and gives you the option to use the sword instead of bumping – so that solves your problem there!
    I’d started a little through many of the games before and owned them already. I forgot to mention above, but actually the year started with Ys Origin on Switch, then picking up on Ys VIII on PS4 which confirmed to me to play them all. I worked from there based on what I thought I’d enjoy next, but in a sense working backwards from VIII in terms of how technically advanced the game was, then jumping ahead to IX and working backwards again.
    The thing which stands out the most for these games, and which plucks on a note mentioned in this episode, is that they are very fun to me. The story and other accoutrements in each game, good as they may be, are dressing to that fact. Origin may be as good as any game to start with because relatively little stands in the way of the gameplay fun loop, then you could see if that same thing fully-dressed with modern garb also appeals to you in VIII or IX.

  4. My favorite game released this year was Bravely Default 2. I generally really love an RPG with a good job system and BD2 has that in spades. It was a lot of fun getting a new job and figuring out new combinations of skills that would you feel even more powerful than before. The playthrough heightened this enjoyment because it was great fun sharing job strategies with everyone and finding about a set-up you might have not thought about. The story, music, and characters were all charming as well which makes it stand out above the job system games that don’t have as enjoyable of a story like FF5 and FF10-2..

  5. No longer at your tail in FFXII I think Caspius. On my wishlist for Christmas is Mary Skelter Finale and I’m playing MS2 before Christmas Eve. Well before 24th really. And it is way longer than expected 😅

    And as if that wasn’t time consuming my Polymega AND my Evercade Founders arrived on the SAME day!!! What are the odds??!!!! So now I’m also playing TechnoMage on Polymega and TumblePop/Wizard Fire on VS 🙈

  6. We have had a *series* of pretty good games this year, but also not that *many* great games: they have just come in a sequence, which has meant that the year has felt a but more full-up than it might otherwise have done.

    I loved Bravely Default 2, although that dev team is back to making mobile phone gacha BD games. :(

    Metroid Dread was definitely my high point for the year–a game that, last year, we didn’t even know existed. Announced, released a few months later, beaten 100% in a playthrough, and now firmly lodged high in the list of great games. A thoroughly enjoyable experience top to bottom.

    The Castlevania Advance Collection, whilst not a new title, was a delightful surprise. I enjoyed replaying all four of those and completing them again! It has been a LONG time.

    The things I most want are still on the horizon, however: Pokemon Arceus Legends, Triangle Strategy, Zelda BotW 2, Dragon Quest XII, Dragon Quest III Remake, FF VII Remake Part 2, and even Final Fantasy XVI.

  7. I’m midways through Origins Tanzenmatt. I liked it. Reminds me of those hack and slash games that were on the SNES.

  8. Bravely Default II was highlight of the year, but I enjoyed Dungeon Encounters too a lot. A pleasant surprise. And I’m loving the «new» Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.

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