TSM Episode 665: Kojima Stranded

How can Kojima top the work of genius that is Death Stranding!?

Download Link: Released on 29 November 2021

Caspius and SiliconNooB inaugurate the second volume of Playthroughs Revisited with a discussion of Final Fantasy XII, before reviewing the promising cinematic future of arthouse auteur Hideo Kojima and his dedicated sidekick, Norman Reedus.


  1. “In the future, people will only use broken umbrellas,” wrote Kojima, his hands trembling with excitement at the unfolding of his genius.

  2. I’m very excited for Analogue Pocket. My first console was a game boy and I had that only for a good few years and then later it was gba advance sp. Then ds. And then only when I moved out I got my first home console; a PS2.

    So I have huge nostalgia for game boy and game boy advance and still have my collection. I actually preordered one of each color 🙈

  3. Oh and I’m playing Pokemon and loving it! Not quite sure why you guys don’t think it’s not a good remaster. It has everything I want it to have. But each to his own 😊

  4. @Winter – It is a PERFECT remake, in that it almost perfectly recreates the original game using 3D graphics instead of sprites. It takes almost ZERO advantage of utilising 3D graphics though, aside from the occasional close-up. If you were looking forward to faithfully reexperiencing the original game on your Switch with a few new quality of life features, then you would probably be very happy with how this remake turned out.

    It could be much worse. The game could have turned out like FFVII Remake, which actively ruined the source material. The game is fine. That said, for anyone hoping to see the original presentation of the games to be elevated to the level of Sword and Shield, then this remake is UNEXCITING – and that is the keyword here. It isn’t a bad game because the original games aren’t bad games – but it is unexciting for many people who are familiar with the content, and were hoping for a more ambitious remake.

  5. @Winter – Ironically, this is exactly the sort of approach that I would want to see when remaking some select games, but for Pokemon it feels a bit underwhelming. For someone who loved the original experiences in the same way as I loved the original FFVII, this may well feel like the perfect approach to remaking older Pokemon games.

  6. I can see that. I never experienced the originals so I can’t compare. But I usually want them to do less with games rather than more. FFVII Remake is more than I really want. For many games I just want ports really. It depends. I am really looking forward to Dragon Quest III. But to me it needs to retain that original feel. Pixel remasters too are good examples of what I want.

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