TSM Episode 664: Bare Square

Final Fantasy VII remains both a high point and an insurmountable challenge for Square Enix.

Download Link: Released on 22 November 2021

Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis close out the Metroid Dread playthrough and preview the upcoming Playthroughs Revisited feature, before reviewing the pre-holiday-season news: including delays, retractions, apologies, and Chinese acquisitions.


  1. I did receive Shin Megami Tensei V by now, but I’m going to finish Ys IX – Monstrum Nox before jumping into that. I’ve been started a few hours into Final Fantasy VIII over the past couple weeks to get another feel for it, and it is still really unenjoyable. I had it when it came out and didn’t get very far into it back then. What a black mark on the series. I may try a bit of FFXII to see if it’s compelling enough at this time.

  2. There’s so little to like about FF8. The characters are actively repellent, the soundtrack is very subdued (but not bad), the graphics were a jaggedy eyesore, the plot is convoluted garbage, and the gameplay is a broken mess. I’m convinced that the only reason it got made is because at some point they had spent so much on it that they were totally committed, but they didn’t dare spend any more money to fix it. So they squeezed it out on release day and promptly turned their attention to FF9–now there’s a gem!

  3. Ready to start FFXII soon! Will be resuming my playthrough since I’m already playing it on Switch, but I didn’t get far. Put in a fair amount of hours, but not far story wise. It’s another game who lends itself well to the «Winter-style» of roaming around for hours grinding monsters that give 2 xp and 3 gold to buy things you don’t need xD

    I was hoping to get Pokemon on release day last week, but it has yet to arrive so I booted up Mary Skelter 2. on my Christmas list this year games wise is Legend of Mana for Switch and Mary Skelter Finale. Figured it was time to restart Mary Skelter and actually finish it. I’m also playing FFII pixel remastered. Was playing Dungeon Encounters up to now. Was hoping to finish before Pokemon, but I have put in more than 50 hours and don’t seem to be close to finishing so I put it down for now.

  4. I also like Caspius played FFXII very recently. I think last year. I’m debating about running through it quickly, then start on FF8. WIld Arms, I’m not real sure of. It’s been 20+ plus years since I played and finished it. I also have Vagrant Story on hold. I need to prepare for the final boss. I have tried to beat the game 3 times since I tried to help my late sister 20 years ago with it and failed. I’m also working through a Destiny of a Emperor mod. Flames of Wu. Difficulty is turned up to 11. So much grinding, and named Generals hit way too hard. I’m also working through the Metriod Prime games. It’s just too much

  5. I don’t know if I would say that I replayed FFXII ‘recently’. The last time I did so was when the PS4 remaster first debuted, and that was back in July 2017–over four years ago. FFVIII, on the other hand, I replayed shortly (a few months?) after the remaster debuted on Switch, which was in September of 2019. I would have to look at the time stamps of my screenshots on Switch, but I think I finished that in the winter/spring of 2020.

    Wild Arms I have not played since our last site-wide playthrough a decade ago, so it is certainly the game most asking for a replay. My goal is to wrap up FF5 Pixel Remaster first, however: I’m about halfway through that game. Then, I will probably split my time (at least at first) between Wild Arms and FFXII. There’s virtually no chance of my playing FF8. Sorry, FF8 fans! Or should I say fan? Surely there isn’t more than one.

  6. It bought the Xbox1 version of 12 when it came out. Took a break on it with the move and finished it summer of 2020. I believe I can finish it in a week with no major distractions. It’s pretty high on my favorite FFlist, I dont mind playing it again

  7. I’m also probably going to split my time between Wild Arms and FFXII initially. I haven’t played Wild arms 1 before so I’m hoping it’s got enough old school RPG charm to be worth playing through. If not I’ll just focus on FFXII and pick Wild Arms back up if the playthrough is still going on.

    I think my first FFXII playthrough took over 85 hours. This has always turned me off of playing through it again because it’s such a time investment. That said, from what I’m reading the Zodiac Age takes much less time because of the speed-up options among other things. It’s nice to know it won’t be as large of a time investment.

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