TSM Episode 662: Confusion and Delay

Diablo 4 is delayed. Will it ever release? Probably not.

Download Link: Released on 8 November 2021

Faced with another list of year-end delays, Caspius and SiliconNooB get to work reporting the dire tidings even as the holiday season approaches–but more news of a possible Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster is enough to restore the Christmas spirit.


  1. Caspius, you couldn’t remember if I had finished a playthrough. It was last years Revisited. I finished 2 of the 3. FFIX was one I know I finished. It was the first time I finished FFIX since it came out. I unsuccessfully tried 2 previous times and gave up. The other game I don’t remember, but I was unhappy I couldn’t finish the 3rd under the deadline. I should able to beat all 3 this time around. 12 was a recent playthrough, Wild Arms I remember being fairly straightforward, FF8 well let’s not discuss it. lol Always one bad apple in the bunch

  2. Lol. After checking its Valkeria Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles. I only had Xenoblade on WIiu. I went through it pretty fast if I remember right.

  3. @TacticsJack: Oh, that’s right! See, this is why we need that SPREADSHEET or whatever. The problem is that I don’t have records and… well, I guess that’s why our playthrough threads exist, anyway. People can always go to them and find their post saying “I BEAT IT” and there’s the proof for ever and ever.

    WA is a quick and easy game, but FFXII is a bit bigger (especially with the optional stuff). FFVIII is… well, it’s FF8, and it doesn’t really change. I will say that the Switch version looks pretty nice and, with the gameplay ‘enhancements’ (cheats) you can probably get through it in ten hours or less if you want to go that route. It’s not a hard game even played normally, as long as one knows how to ‘break’ it, which can be done relatively early on. I finished it 100% in under 40 hours (including loads of card playing!), largely because it is possible with some card modding and some cleverness to really blow the game mechanics apart.

  4. Also: attentive listeners will note that I introduce this episode as 702 and yet it is numbered 662.

    What could it mean?

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