TSM Episode 661: Worse than Free

Ocarina of Time is included in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack (NSOEP)

Download Link: Released on 1 November 2021

Caspius and SiliconNooB hand out a bushel of Metroid Dread stars, and then review the disastrous launch of Nintendo’s massively overpriced, bug-filled, glitch-addled, barely-supported, semi-functional, first-party-emulator of nine (9) Nintendo 64 games.


  1. I would never try the map-filling in Dread again, but it did help me think of how to move in different ways to get as much filled as I could which actually helped get a little better at the game.

    I would like if they made a sequel that’s all live action Nickelodeon shows instead of cartoons, with Pete & Pete (and Artie – The Strongest Man In The World and Pete’s friend Ellen who’s a girl, and a friend, but not a girlfriend) Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Welcome Freshmen (which nobody seems to remember), You Can’t Do That On Television, and lest we forget, Mr. Wizard.

    I have no interest in Nickelodeon All-Stars, haven’t played it, but I am a fan of the small Swedish studio Ludosity who developed it. They make small indie games and from that perspective, made something pretty huge with this one and I’m happy for their success. Some people who are big in the fighting game community have reviewed the game as pretty good with some issues. I’m just a little miffed at a 2/10 review when so much of the Niche Gamer article is about how there aren’t enough characters the reviewer wanted. Stick Stickly, really? There are some big flaws, but it’s mechanically competent, not like 2/10.

    I can’t imagine a Persona game without Shoji Meguro, he’s so endemic to what makes the games wonderful. I believe he will still be composing for at least Persona 6, but it may be that Atlus has some internal turmoil we don’t know about that he’s avoiding by becoming a freelancer. Uematsu and Matsuda have been freelancers for how-many-years and have done fine, and I wish good travels to Meguro too.

  2. There were a few Mr. Wizards back in the day: a series of them in succession. Eventually, one came to my grammar school, which is one of the few of those early school events that I remember. I don’t recall precisely what happened, but I do recall enjoying it.

    With the best will in the world to N.G., their reviews are not very good. I appreciate their coverage and attitude, but disagree with their reviews, and I lament their writing/editing, which is frankly very poor. But their hearts are in the right place–they actually PLAY and LIKE games–so I forgive a lot.

    Your point about filling in the map on Dread is a good one. Learning to use wall jumps, spins, and lots of flash dashing made the game much easier and I don’t know that I would have been nearly as good at that if I hadn’t spent hours filling in map bits.

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