TSM Episode 660: From Ethos with Love

Ethos: Co-Founder, Belles-Lettres, Bon Vivant, War Criminal

Download Link: Released on 25 October 2021

With the seventh century milestone, the Starlight Megaphone turns out in force, with Caspius, SiliconNooB, Imitanis, Mel, Sebastian, and Brock on the panel to discuss the sundry thoughts and vapid imaginings of the site’s notorious co-founder, Ethos.


  1. I’m one of those insane people who is enjoying Dungeon Encounters. I know it sounds insane but I like it’s brutal unforgiving approach because each situation demands you think out a strategy to solve the problem. Like you should always try and figure out which each battle is before you take the risk to fight it since you can skip almost any battle. I do think its hyper meta driven so you have to do weird obtuse things that abuse the systems in the game, like enemy positions reset each time you enter a level so you can exit and enter a level to skirt around dangerous encounters.

  2. @RabidKitten: It sounds insane because it is!

    Have *you* finished Metroid Dread yet? Hmm!? HMM?

  3. Oh @RabidKitten we’re four!

    SiliconNooB captured my playstyle perfectly 😂 *I’m just gonna stay here a little..long.. while grinding* Usually at a low xp bad spot because those are the safe ones xD

    Also you guys were on 🔥 this week 😁 (well especially on fire)

  4. That may be because SiliconNooB is highly combustible due to his high alcohol content.

  5. The idea that looking at me for a long time would make me uncomfortable is the funniest part yet!

  6. This weeks Podcast really was even more excellent than usual. It was great to hear from some of the people that aren’t on the podcast as often.

  7. @LC11: Cheers! It’s good that I can still threaten them all into submission once in a while!

  8. Tell me which game celebrates the somersault more than ME3?!

    Gears of War – because that is the game that Mass Effect is trying to be.

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