TSM Episode 659: Greedtendo

Nintendo is prepared to bring cutting-edge graphics to the Nintendo Switch.

Download Link: Released on 18 October 2021

As the Metroid Dread playthrough spins into gear, Sebastian joins Caspius in person, and SiliconNooB connects via Australian Semaphor, to report on the latest news about Nintendo’s upcoming–and astronomically overpriced–Switch Online Expansion Pass.


  1. Unfortunately no, I’m not playing Metroid. Not because it’s not great. Just because there is so many great games, a lot of them on my shelf and it’s expensive right now. Too much to spend money on a game I’m not in mood for and that hurt my ears. Particularly since music and sound is a big part of Metroid. But mostly I just wanted to get to some backlog games too. Playing Kingdoms of Amalur, Dungeon Encounters, LiveALive (I need to be done now so badly), Animal Crossing *cough* and as always Bravely Default II 😊

    That said if I remember correctly I’m very excited for Pokemon and FFXII! I have wanted to get back to FFXII so badly for long now!

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