TSM Episode 658: The Last Metroid

Is Samus’ hunt for Metroids finally at an end?

Download Link: Released on 11 October 2021

With the launch of the site’s new playthrough–Metroid Dread–Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis discuss Samus Aran’s future and the evident success of the latest iteration in the series, before taking a look at the new Stranger of Paradise demo.


  1. You forgot to mention, Kenji Yamamoto did the music for Super Metroid! That was over 25 years ago though, it’s not often a composer has the same capability so long after.
    The only thing I’d like to remap the buttons for is to move aiming and missiles to the L2/R2 buttons, which fit better with the controller I use.

  2. Nintendo tends to be strangely reluctant to include button remapping in their games, and I’m not sure why. It is well-established industry practise at this point, not just for convenience but also for accessibility. Even the Switch Online services prohibit it, where it would be especially useful.

    Very strange and backwards.

  3. I’m re-listening to this episode on headphones, and just noticed the birds around minute 43.

  4. Indeed! The birds here have to fend off squirrels and hawks and when they get angry, the whole lot of them start up at once and it is even loud enough to make it onto my directional mic!

  5. I recently had the thought that I wanted to replay FF12 so the re-playthrough is well timed for me. I last played FF8 when I was 11 so it might be interesting to see how much worse it is to an adults eyes if I get to it during the playthrough.

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