TSM Episode 696: Surprise Direct

Surprise! It is once again a horrible night to have a curse.

Download Link: Released on 27 September 2021

The latest Nintendo Direct brings both expected news (Triangle Strategy’s 2022 release date) and unexpected surprises (the immediate availability of the Castlevania Advance Collection), much to the delight of SiliconNooB and Caspius alike.


  1. You’re not wrong, I probably will spend ages on Triangle Strategy xD Planning a full weekend with my sister starting it together. We just had a full Bravely weekend. No not finished with that either. But heading into chapter three soon…ish 😁

  2. I was hoping the Castlevania Advance Collection would be the out now direct game they seemingly always do. I’m working through them in order and just started Harmony of Dissonance. I’m looking forward to Aria of Sorrow because I haven’t played it and it’s sequel was a actually the first Castlevania game I played. Naturally I loved it and went back and played most of the non-3D games, just never really the GBA ones.

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