TSM Episode 650: Axiom Surprise

Hearken to the words of the Lamasshu…

Download Link: Released 2021.08.16

Caspius and SiliconNooB are caught off-guard by the surprise announcement of Axiom Verge 2 but, whilst SiliconNooB works his way through Skyward Sword, Caspius completes the latest game from Tom Happ before the weekend is done–with a bonus outtake!


  1. Good podcast this week! I liked the discussion about the grading system.
    I’ve not played Axiom Verge II yet, the first one was fantastic. My first impressions are some of the environments look a little bland in this one, but the idea of the Breach is really cool. I like the Babylonian style creature/architecture – your screenshot is a good example. I’ll hopefully get the game soon.

    One question about the new laws relating to Apple and Microsoft. How do those laws apply to international companies? Or in other countries, will there be equivalent laws. I’m no expert on law, so don’t worry if you have no info on this.

    Worst games candidates:
    ET – hell, they put the carts into landfill and it was one of the games involved in the industry crash in the 80s. I didn’t have an Atari back in the day, but played this on an emulator later on to see what the hype was all about.

    I’ve not played this one but it’s amazing to see how badly Cyberpunk 2077 fell flat. All that money in development and such a shit show came from it. PR nightmare for so many reasons.

  2. The worst game I’ve ever played, a fully functional released game on a legitimate platform, is AD&D Heroes Of The Lance on NES. It’s incredibly obtuse, mechanically despicable, and antithetical to any fun you could try to drag out of it. Deadly Towers has nothing on this game. Playing it feels like choking yourself while drowning. I got it as a child because I wanted to know more what Dungeons & Dragons thing was about, and it was a harsh lesson, but I suppose I learned how to judge good games from by this one.

  3. I don’t know about worst game ever but there was one game I played that was so bad it made me reflect on my life and make actual improvements like getting a better job, eating better, and a better sense of fiscal responsibility.. The game in Tokyo Tattoo Girls for the Vita. I pre-ordered it because it looked like an anime Nobunaga’s Ambition but as time went on no more info came out to clarify exactly what the gameplay was. I went to Amazon to cancel the order to find out that they had shipped it 4 days earlier than usual (for a reason). From what i remember, The gameplay is basically just a few simple minigames that lead into an auto-battler like a phone game. I paid thirty dollars for a crappy mobile game on a console. I only pre-order games now I am absolutely confident I will enjoy.

  4. Wow! That might be the first time I have ever seen a game so bad that “it changed my life”!

  5. I think my choice was dragon age 2. I finished it in 3 days, sold it in 4. i got 90% of what I payed for it. I just passed the horrible onto someone else. I never went back to Dragon Age. I also didn’t buy Mass Effect And. which was smart I got burned once never again. I’ve sworn off EA games except for the Sims.

  6. Yes, the Sims. I got hooked when I would visit my sister. She would show me how to kill Sims. I was concerned. Remember I like games that are sometimes tedious like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon. The Sims fit in that genre.

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