1. Well, I was actually planning on finding and downloading all of the podcasts which include all of the A Confederacy Of Dunces readings. I’m sorry that plan fell through suddenly, but I understand your need.

    The good thing about you buying another Switch is that you have 2 children, so if you feel like it you can give it to them.

  2. That reminds me. When that reading was going on, I just listened and loved it. A few years I looked into the Author’s story. I felt so sad to hear about his life. The main character was based on himself too

  3. Compiling each book’s reading into a single audio piece would be amazing, Caspius you should do readings for audible as a side hustle.

  4. @Tactics Jack: The despair he must have felt knowing that he had written perhaps the greatest picaresque novel in history, and finding it impossible to get published.

    And then, after he committed suicide, it won the Pulitzer Prize.

    @RabidKitten: I would love to do voice work, whether in the form of audio recordings of books, VoiceOvers for anime, video games, et cetera. But I haven’t the faintest idea where to start! And, of course, my employment attentions are directed elsewhere.

  5. Have you read The Neon Bible? If so, do you think it’s worth reading?

  6. @Tanzenmatt: Great respect for Toole notwithstanding, The Neon Bible is not a very good book and, if I recall correctly, even Toole himself did not think much of it.

  7. @tanzenmatt: I brought up my interest in Romance of the Three kingdoms to record in the discord chat a few months ago. It’s a huge undertaking. I know of 2 podcast format readings of it. One got to episode 65 and quit, the other finished all 95. The reading while very good, was done by a dude with a chinese/english accent. At times it waa very hard to understand. I know Librivox is attempting a reading but the copy has to be from the 19th century. All modern translations are from 40’s and 50’s.

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