1. Hey, is this the Starlight Radio? I want to make a special request dedicated to my awesome babe. Could you play “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” by Van Halen?
    This Zelda sounds pretty rad though. I’m totally into swords and dragons and rafts and stuff. Maybe they can make Super Mario Bros like that! Like, what if they made a Mario game in diagatilt, and can he use weapons and magic on enemies, and has to really explore the Mushroom Kingdom, like go through the toadstool people’s houses and castles instead of just running through it really fast.
    Speaking of which, I’m gonna explore the Mushroom Kingdom tonight, if you know what I mean. Keep on truckin’, dudes!
    What the heck is an internet though?

  2. This game won’t last. Now Kid Icarus, there’s a game I could see a bunch of sequels being made for years to come.

  3. @PubPibbs: Expect a whole series of them. If we’re not playing Kid Icarus XV by 2020, I’ll be gobsmacked!

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