TSM Episode 639: The Starlight Megaphone

Where it all began.

Download Link: Released 2021.05.31

The 2021 site transition progresses to Phase 3, with the curation of the podcast archive feed, the advent of live podcast broadcast-recording on Discord, and a long-overdue site rebranding to the most obvious name of all: The Starlight Megaphone.


  1. Gonna take the opportunity to make a couple more E3 predictions.

    – Capcom are going to show off the RE4 remake – and I think they may have turned the game into a co-op shooter. Recently there was a leak which stated that the actress who played Claire Redfield would be reprising her role in RE4. Claire Redfield was never even in the original RE4, so Capcom must have a reason for altering the story in order to shoe horn her into the game. Either she is going to be a co-op partner, or Capcom are starting to take the ‘Redfield bloodline’ meme seriously.

    – This one is pretty obvious. Microsoft’s E3 presence is going to be all about Bethesda and ID exclusives. They are going to want to show investors that the money they paid for Zenimax was worth it.

  2. Agreed: Micromax and Bethesdasoft must show something. Idle for too long!

  3. I’m happy about the changes to the site. I always download the latest ‘cast directly from here each week, so I’m glad that eill be a continuous archive. I spent some time after the last announcement downloading a bunch of classics (especially the one I was on), so I’m happy I don’t have to keep doing that!

  4. @Tanzenmatt: I’m glad we came up with an elegant solution. Enjoy!

  5. I listened to episodes 1-10 about a year ago. It was interesting……….

  6. @TacticsJack: Going back to Episode 1 is like listening to high school students recording their first-ever podcast on an old tape deck. I couldn’t advise it!

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