TSM Episode 638: A Cliche in the Hand

Supposedly, this is Mario Tennis on Switch.

Download Link: Released 2021.05.24

A perfect storm of cliches proves to be a blessing in disguise when the panel bites the bullet to deliver an idiomatic embarassment of riches–but, in a snowball effect, things quickly spiral out of control as hackneyed phrases rain like cats and dogs.


  1. There was an original black-and-white Game Boy Mario Golf, which I think was a near-launch title. My uncle gave it to me for Christmas, because he loves golf. It was always one of my least-played GB games, but not without some enjoyment.

  2. https://www.siliconera.com/dragon-quest-35th-anniversary-broadcast/


    “Introducing the upcoming line-up in the DRAGON QUEST series.
    May 27th is Dragon Quest Day, and to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the series, we’re bringing you a special broadcast to showcase all of the latest information about what’s going on—and what’s yet to come—in the world of DRAGON QUEST.”

    Unfortunately they have a couple DQ mobile apps going right now, so they’ll probably waste some of our time with that junk. Howevever, considering they’re saying “upcoming line-up” there’s going to be something, and I doubt they’re going to announce yet another mobile app.

    I’d be happy with a very early first look at DQXII, and a compilation title on Switch. Imagine if Nintendo and Square Enix had the sheer tenacity to put Dragon Warrior I-IV on the NES Switch app? Imagine if they could port the DS IV-VI, or even IX to Switch? The depths of their ability to screw things up makes me nervous, but anything Dragon Quest makes me happy. Such an emotional rollercoaster for the next two days.

  3. They are unlikely to put Dragon Warrior 1-3 on Switch Online when they are also selling them on the eShop. And, Yuji Hori has made it clear that he has a personal objection to rereleasing old Dragon Quest games unmodified.

    Switch versions of the DS games would be a dream come true, but we are much more likely to see an early tease of DQ12 than we are to see reworkings of DQ4-9DS for Switch. The time investment-profit-prestige ratio makes 12 the most attractive prospect for Hori-san now, and with the effective death of Final Fantasy, I’m okay with that. I look forward to the next DQ the way I used to with FF.

  4. Tanzenmatt, did you play the Tactics game. I was going to download it, its on my install list. I don’t know the reason why I didn’t play it

  5. DQXII is a huge prestige item, so a conference is much more likely to be called for something like that. Also, there is a fairly high budget DQ game on the PS4 (based on a recent anime) which has not yet been announced for global release, so we might hear about that. The DS DQ games are incidentals. They wouldn’t be the point of any conference, but they are projects that can be farmed out, and the announcement of any such project would usually be appended to a bigger announcement, I would think.

  6. @Tactics Jack: No I haven’t tried DQ Tact, or Walk, Adventures Of Dai, or Dragon Quest Of The Stars. I just have an innate aversion to phone apps where I’d be much more likely to try it if it’s the exact same thing on a console. Maybe it’s worth a look though! I’d imagine this would be the one series whose mobile apps are “a cut above the rest.”

    From Yuji Hori now:
    “This Thursday, Dragon Quest celebrates its 35th Anniversary. As you may know, we have a special 35th Anniversary Broadcast scheduled for then. In gratitude for all your support so far, we’ll have plenty to announce. And of course, we’ll have more on that game as well… Please look forward to it, everyone!”

    He doesn’t say what “that game” is exactly but strong hints to DQXII, and “he ain’t getting any younger,” so “now is the time” to “strike while the iron’s hot.”

    Then “plenty to announce,” to me means some overpriced merchandise (high likelihood), a compilation of some kind (medium likelihood), a significant spinoff in the arena of Builders, Heroes, Monsters, etc. (low likelihood), or another mobile phone app (very low because there’s a tidy handful already).

    If there is a new mobile app, I’m calling it as a rythym game like the Persona games had. That way they have DQ Tact to appeal to Tactics Jack, and DQ Dance to appeal to Dancing Matt. Maybe a DQ book of the collected ancient lore of the series for Caspius?

    If I could choose what DQ merchandise thry’ll unveil, I’d actually prefer a very good quality bierstein. Not enough video game franchises have branded biersteins, you know.

  7. Seeing the Q written so much makes me realize how classy The Day Tonight’s default font is. Was that an intentional choice?

  8. @Tanzenmatt: It was, yes!

    A white DQ 12 Bierstein with the wedding scene depicted on it would be JUST THE THING. The chance of that happening is infinitesimal, but natheless…!

    Surely ‘that game’ is DQ13. If it is PS5 exclusive, I shall SPIT.

  9. Yeah, screw that. I can see them doing PS4/PS5. Switch down the road some. It wont be on XBSX that I can tell you

  10. I have GREAT news for Podcast fans who were worried about the availability of the older episodes. Make sure you tune in on Monday next!

  11. Older episodes of the podcast are now found on the site if you click in the menu “Podcast” and choose “Old Podcast Archive”.

    Starting this week (and with this episode), only the ten most recent podcasts episodes will be indexed on the ‘feed’ that is accessed through iTunes etc. Older episodes will be moved to the “Old Podcast Archive” for permanent access (we hope).

    More details in TSM 639!

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