TSM Episode 637: The Little Merman

The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.

Download Link: Released 2021.05.17

The panel catches up with the SaGa Frontier playthrough ahead of its conclusion, discusses the all-but-confirmation of the Nintendo Switch Pro, reviews potential 2021 releases, ponders whether Subnautica is worth playing, and welcomes back The Plop.


  1. It was around when I played Elite Dangerous. There was some discussion around it few years ago. I might try it, but right now isn’t a good time.

  2. My son loves Subnautica, and is bothering me constantly to get Sub Zero. It’s a good game for what its worth, though not my cup of tea, but I’m an old man with old tastes.

  3. @RabidKitten: Thanks! Could you describe what ordinary play involves? Is it quests, or just freely doing your own thing, etc.? And there’s no multiplayer, right?

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