TSM Episode 636: Self-Accompaniment

A concertina.

Download Link: Released 2021.05.10

The panel reports on two weeks of news and playthrough updates, including the next side-wide playthrough (coming in June), Nintendo’s impressive sales figures, Intel’s technical breakthroughs, new physical releases, and the latest in Concertinas!


  1. Certain readers xD Still excited to get back into Bravely again once I get a bit more time for it.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face this Monday. Woke up feeling meh having things I dread this week. But not even ten mins into podcast and I was already smiling. Needed it!

    Very up for Fire Emblem Three Houses!! Might have to use NG+ for the last SaGa scenarios to get it done in time, but we will see.

  2. I use all my Switch Lites a lot and I’m getting another today. You might just want to go for it if you want it. I love them. Can it happen yes probably, but I think it’s absolutely worth the risk.
    The blue will be my fifth Lite so I have at least a little experience to base my view on xD

  3. Going to write some podcast music for the concertina. Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune…

  4. I’ve been digging the concertina music, go for it. Wanted to mention too, one of the most beautiful tunes you’ve played on an instrument was the piano cover of Farm Boy – it was one of the earliest you did, and took me so by surprise when I was listening to the latest podcast on an airplane and it was the first thing I heard Absolutely lovely – but maybe even lovelier if you could layer a concertina over it!

  5. @Tanzenmatt: Probably the most-requested piece of music I ever have played. I used to use it as a prelude before masses in Ordinary Time when I was a church music director. I cannot tell you how many people asked for the name of the piece or the sheet music. And, once the piano is tuned, I’ll probably make a special recording of it so that we can use it as an intro piece!

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