TSM Episode 634: Animal Dropping

Animal Crossing is not an ‘Animal Dropping’ game.

Download Link: Released 2021.04.19

When the podcast is not recorded, the panel reassembles to re-record a gripping two hours of Concertina information and reviews, Lady Gaga news, the beginning of the SaGa Frontier playthrough, and the latest game in the popular ‘Animal Dropping’ genre.


  1. I might even love this more than Romancing SaGa 2. But that was my first consuming SaGa experience so it’s hard to beat. For the record the other two is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Bravely Default II. Pretty lucky getting two playthroughs in a row and they are both in top 4 now ;)

    I haven’t actually found you can grind yourself into a corner easily. It might be possible, particularly before you assemble a full party. But I certainly grind a lot. I think it’s where you grind. If you grind on low battle ranks you won’t learn much new abilities. I find that with this game the more you know the easier time you will have and more fun. I guess that’s all SaGa really. They are hard to get into. It’s like you have to crack into it. When you do though…. 😅

  2. And yes I would be VERY upset xD I’m ready to pour more hours and hours into SaGa Frontier again xD

  3. I believe thats why I gave up on the RS3 playthrough. I couldn’t crack that nut. I can play Minstral Song with no problem. I own every game in the series but have only played MS. I will play this but I think I will after the playthrough.

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