TSM Episode 632: Amnesia Week

Have you been affected by exposure to an amnesiac? Your colliery village may be entitled to compensation for injuries and damage.

Download Link: Released 2021.04.05

Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Seb discuss the upcoming change in playthrough from Bravely Default II to SaGa Frontier, review Sony’s decision to disable the PS3, PSP, and PSV online store, and delve through an especially amnesia-filled edition of The Plop.


  1. Won’t be 100 %, but I actually did do all of SaGa Frontier a couple of years ago! Very excited! SaGa is a huge time commitment, but when you get into it it’s very hard to put down.

    The live broadcast sounds nice I think. I’m interested to see if it will be 3 am or something here in Norway xD

  2. The time would be similar to the current time, I think, although we might choose to record at different times for different reasons. Right now, we record on Saturday at 11 o’clock US Eastern time.

  3. I remember your playthrough Winter. Haha. A brief explanation, there is a podcast similar to TSM, that we both listened to. I don’t remember how I found it, but I heard Winter was sending in feedback. I said that can’t be the same Winter from TDT. It was. It’s a small world.
    That playthrough took awhile if I remember right? 4 months?

  4. When about are you planning on throwing out the Podcast Archive?
    I won’t usually be able to listen to the new format at the time it’s recorded, but I’ll continue to listen if there’s a recording of it.

  5. @Tanzenmatt: not only will the podcast be recorded for people who cannot make the live broadcast, it will also be uploaded just like the current podcast using the same settings: you won’t need to change anything if you are already subscribed via a podcast app or program.

    Basically we’ll be changing how we archive podcasts (only the 10 most recent instead of the entire archive). So you won’t see any changes on your end except that the old episodes in the list won’t be there any more. This will help keep us on the acceptable side of the site’s much-reduced storage limitations (6gb instead of 200gb).

    The other podcast change is that we’ll be recording live, so less editing is involved. I’m still thinking about that, though, so we’ll see how much of a change there really is. It may end up being that once we make a few minor adjustments, podcasts can continue more or less unchanged.

    There are some other changes that have already been implemented: deletion of some historical content categories such as comics, music, editorials, anime season reviews, etc. The site now only hosts reviews, playthroughs, podcasts, and news–and news will be closing later this year (it’s really what the podcast is for).

    So I want to stress that the site isn’t closing or going away–just streamlining and tightening so that we are focusing on the things with which people actually engage. If we do it right, you won’t notice any major changes at all, except that the site theme will have to change as we move from a business account with pro themes to a personal account without.

  6. @Tactics Jack:

    Haha yes. It was definitely a long playthrough! I clocked in about 100 hours if I remember correctly. Maybe more since I clocked in 99 hours on one playthrough of RomSaGa2 🤔 It was great though!

  7. Sadly I think I’m going to miss out on SF too. I got too much real life stuff going on.

  8. I am looking forward to the play-through because it seems like it is going to be a unique experience.

    It sounds like a few things are being added to make it less opaque in the remaster. Which gives me a little more hope it will be a positive experience.

  9. @LC11: Do you happen to know what is being changed? The only things I’ve seen so far are the updated visuals/music, the addition of Fuse’s story, and a handful of new events in existing stories (particularly Asellus, I think, which was rather short originally).

  10. @ Caspius

    I heard there is going to be a scenario chart which I assume helps you keep track of the confusing story and what to do to advance it. There are also things like speed up options, exit pointers, and the ability to retreat(?). Could you not run from battles in the original? If so it sounds like a nightmare.

  11. @LC11: Nope, no running away in SF! Every battle has to be fought. Well, until now, I suppose!

    Exit pointers will be a HUGE help, even if it still won’t be perfect. One of SF’s most annoying things is that it can sometimes be really hard to figure out (a) where you’re supposed to go on the screen and (b) how to get there, so anything that makes that a little clearer wil be a help.

    Scenario tracker sounds useful for the metagame of how characters interact across stories, but the stories themselves need some clearer pointers. Here’s hoping that is being considered as well.

  12. @ Caspius I am reading that part of the scenario chart is showing the current objective in the scenario you are in.

  13. @LC11: A step in the right direction! Does it show you the ‘next’ thing you have to do, or only where you ‘are’ now? (i.e. it won’t do much good to know your current location in the story, because the real trick is knowing what to do next).

  14. As I mentioned on Discord, I am playing Fantasian. It is a solid albeit low budget playstation era JRPG. If you can stomach signing up for Apple Arcade and you don’t have a good JRPG already on hand to play, I’d say give it a go. There are some interesting mechanics. The most note-able is that attack abilities can have curves so you try and line them enemies in different ways/orders, it has a barrier system, and a you can cache battles you don’t want to fight in the levels and fight them later. So you can forgo random battles for a big 30 enemy fight after the dungeon, which is fun. The visuals are pretty low budget, the photos of the dioramas actually come off as pretty flat but I mean they didn’t have an army of 3D artists to build highend 3D renders for each background, so this is a nice way to get a pretty good look with a very low budget. The story is typical Sakiguchi so that can be both a great thing and a convoluted thing.

  15. I think it’s pretty good. It reminds me a bit of the work Uematsu did on Terrabattle. A bit more new aged if that makes any sense. But it fits the game nicely. I have to admit that I’m a bit of a simpleton when it comes to music. I’m fairly easy to please.

  16. @ Caspius

    I believe it is what you need to do next. The following is a machine translated version of the blurb from the website where it was announced.


    “The progress of the story is now displayed. You can also check your objective, so you can easily see where you need to go next, and use it as a reminder when you resume playing after some time.”

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