TSM Episode 630: Sony Self-Destruct

Even worse, the final entries were mobile-exclusive.
Sadly, we will never see another true Wild Arms game.

Download Link: Released 2021.03.22

Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Seb report on the site-wide playthrough of Bravely Default II as it kicks into high gear, and they discuss the upcoming hybridised Gamescom, the almost-certain release of the Switch Pro, and the recurring failure that is VR.


  1. Those sounds like good changes then ^^ It sounds like maybe with the live things you guys do it will be possible to just listen and write comments? I think I was most afraid of podcast closing down and not being able to listen to you guys and maybe not be able to face anxiety of speaking English on discord. I’m very picky on humour I think and this podcast makes me laugh which is rare. Hence my dread of it closing down. But it sounds like it will be nice changes in another format. And the playthroughs are a blast so I’m excited they will continue there.

    Definitely excited for Skyward Sword and would be up for that for sure! It’s one of those I didn’t play when it came out and by the time I wanted to dive in there was a chance for a Switch version and I have waited. Same with XCX. Even if they have said no the Switch have sold so much I feel I can’t rule it out and the second I buy a used wii u they will announce it xD

  2. I’m pretty sure hard mode on Bravely Default 2 gives the enemies more turns and maybe they are a little smarter. I’m pretty sure enemies have the exact same amount of HP between normal and hard and I assume other stats also stay the same.

  3. @LC11: that would be perfect! I’d love to see more RPGs have a hard mode which means that the computer is smarter, rather than just doing more damage and/or having more hit points.

  4. @Winter: When we start doing the audio broadcasting later this sunmer, I hope you’ll be in the audience! It will be good to have your feedback so that we can make sure our live broadcasts are as enjoyable as the recorded podcasts.

  5. I have a question. I like to listen to the podcast when I have time. I’m using my phone for internet till I move again. How much bandwith/data will it take for the audio stream. My preference has always been audio actually. Where I’m staying dosent have internet. Will it be able to be listen to later. I’m sure I’ll miss SN dulcet tones

  6. @Jack: the bandwidth of the audio stream on Discord is the same as the podcast encode rate, 128k. So, although there are other factors that could affect total throughput, I would expect the data use to be broadly comparable: in other words, the podcast’s size in megabytes will be about the same size as the total bandwidth for a broadcast of the same duration (roughly 1megabyte per minute).

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