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The Surprising Mechanics of Final Fantasy VII!

Several weeks ago Caspius stated on the podcast that he would have played Ever Crisis if it was released for a proper platform. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that something like this could be ported from mobile phones to the Nintendo Switch, so one certainly hopes that Caspius can realise his wish of playing Ever Crisis on the Nintendo Switch. One also hopes that Caspius’ wallet is extra thicc with fat stacks of cash, because that is the only way that he will be progressing through the game. It is like the party delegated responsibility for equipment shopping to Cait Sith, and the only way he knew how to make a decision was to spin his Limit Break slots! To put it another way, the only way to upgrade one’s gear and weaponry in Ever Crisis is to purchase randomised gachapon Loot Boxes!

... And at random!
Gameplay sold separately.

The monetized element is basically loot boxes containing random weapons. Some of the special weapons also come as a set that includes new costumes that were not in the original games, adding in a new way to enjoy the story that you won’t have seen before.

Nomura sees Ever Crisis as a way of celebrating the legacy of the Final Fantasy VII extended universe in one cohesive package – with Loot Boxes!

The compilation titles outside of the original FFVII were not structured with [the consistent overworld and battle visual design of the original game] and have completely different battle systems, but I wanted to unify them all in one format for FFVII EC, while not losing the individual character of the different games.

It seems like this is Nomura’s way of fixing Final Fantasy VII so that it feels more of a piece with the other high quality entries of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series. The Loot Boxes just enhance the air of authenticity! Please remember to keep your fingers crossed for the Switch port!

This is Final Fantasy VII now.

Naturally, we’ve received requests from people who want to play each of the FFVII titles on their current CS consoles, so FFVII EC is not a substitute for that, but it’s designed with the concept of allowing people to casually play each of the FFVII titles.

The Release of Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Is Predatory and Gross

The act of selling early access of a game through the most expensive digital version of said game is always completely disgusting. This is because the publisher is not actually selling early access, but rather they are hitting owners of the normal version of that game with a penalty for not purchasing their preferred SKU of the game. It is far more stick than carrot. Such is the case with the release of Shin Megami Tensei III Noctune HD. The $50 physical and $50 standard digital releases of the game will be releasing on May 25th, but owners of the $70 Digital Deluxe Edition will be able to start playing the game on May 21st. Gross.

Can't wake up!
Wake me up inside…

In addition to this all of Atlus’ marketing appears to insinuate that the game’s new easy difficulty is only available through the Digital Deluxe Edition, when in actual fact it is free DLC that is available to all owners of the game.

Pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition from PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop, or the Steam Store! The Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

– Full Game Download

– Exclusive access to the game four days early, on May 21

– Maniax Pack

Adds Dante from the Devil May Cry™ Series

– Chronicle Pack

Adds Raidou from the Devil Summoner Series*

– MERCIFUL Difficulty

Adds an easier difficulty mode

– Mercy and Expectation Map Pack

“Little Master’s Mercy”

“Master’s Expectation”

– Shin Megami Tensei BGM Pack

“BGM Pack 1: Shin Megami Tensei®” (2 songs)

“BGM Pack 2: Shin Megami Tensei® II” (2 songs)

“BGM Pack 3: Shin Megami Tensei® IV” (2 songs)

“BGM Pack 4: Shin Megami Tensei® IV: Apocalypse” (2 songs)

*Note: The Chronicle Pack is available in the base game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions. The Chronicle Pack is free DLC for the Steam version only.

That being said, Nocturne‘s new easy difficulty is something that everyone should stay well away from. An easier difficulty is something that this author would love to have in Nocturne, but this is not it. Atlus have gone way too far in turning this into a patronising journalist mode, to the extent that the notorious difficulty-spike boss Matador has now been turned into a trivial enemy encounter more appropriate for small children than grown adults.

Atlus’ predatory corporate shitbaggery kind of puts this author in a weird position. The Deluxe Edition comes with the Dante DLC, two different experience grinding dungeons, and 8 different throwback music tracks from past games, which are probably replacement battle tracks for normal encounters and boss encounters. Given that one was considering double-dipping with the PC version (in addition to the physical Switch version), this Digital Deluxe Edition is probably something that one would have considered buying, since one would have had to spend $10 on Dante anyway – only now one cannot do this because of Atlus using this version of the game as a cudgel. In fact the PC version will now go on the Steam wishlist to purchase while on sale. Seriously, fuck Atlus.

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