TSM Episode 625: Simping for Edelgard

Our state-of-the-art Best Girl forecast predicts that Edelgard will remain Best Girl well into the middle of 2021 at least.
Is Edelgard still Best Girl? Yes, she is.

Download Link: Released 2021.02.15

In the middle of a persistent frost, Caspius and SiliconNooB dig through an avalanche of news, finding therein not only the customary hibernal frigidity, but also a few optimistic reports which will warm the heart in anticipation of the vernal season.


  1. China deliberately releasing a violent “Blue Lives Matter” game is them deliberately stoking the extreme partisanship in USA right now.

  2. @TanzenMatt: That’s a fair point! I suspect that it won’t matter because China may be clever but they are behind on the curve on everything, and the 24-hour-news cycle has moved on.

  3. I have had Bravely Default 2 preordered for almost a year now so I am definitely planning on participating in the play-through.

    I have played through all three main lord routes of FE 3H already. I will probably play the Blue Lions path again on hard for the play-through because I don’t want to play the church route all that much and already played the Edelgard route with the DLC characters. I would like to see the supports for them with the blue lion characters.

  4. I’m actually not too excited about BD2. I don’t love the look of the character models or non-city world and the demos didn’t feel exciting to me. But that’s also a series that feels its best when you’re playing it your way from the beginning and demos don’t quite allow for that. So I don’t really trust my reactions in terms of how I might end up feeling about the game.

    No, at this point, it’s purely financials why I might not be able to join in the playthrough. I’ve just got onto a temp roster, so if I get gigs as early as next week, then I’ll definitely get it at launch, but there’s a possibility I’ll have to be more conservative. I haven’t even gotten Super Mario 3D World yet and that’s my second favourite 3D Mario after Galaxy 2 and I’m super excited to play it with my partner.

  5. Alas! Super Mario 3D World +BF is simply excellent. The original was one of my top favs on the Wii U, and this release far surpasses it with the addition of an (excellent) extra game. I hope you can afford it soon!

    Everyone tells me the same thing about BD2, that they don’t like the visuals, but honestly I find them charming enough. On the DS, that artistic approach (I’m thinking of FF3/FF4 here) was pretty rough because of the very low polygons being used on a system so underpowered that it should only have been a home for 2D games, with which it really excelled. But by the time the 3DS came along, with BD1 and Bravely Second, they had managed to turn it into something with a bit of charm and whimsy, and which didn’t seem like it was really straining the system. On the Switch they’ve done that to a great degree, and the menus in particular I found delightful, all very much of a piece with the world, rather than system-y and mobile-like and sterile (as are far too many Square Enix games these days).

    The collection of accents in the VA is weird, of course, but that is not so unusual and I suspect it is deliberate, the goal being to signify that they come from wildly different places. Lest we forget, XBC2 does precisely the same thing (although with better actors, I think), and we laud it for that. The question is whether SE have built these areas into the game, so that we can learn, as we do in the course of playing XBC2, that these accents are regional. Time will tell. DQXI shows that they know how to do this in the company, the question is whether this particular team has done it with this particular game.

    In any case, looking towards the Summer, we can expect a few things (tentatively):

    1. A BD2 playthrough from February until mid-April.
    2. A Fire Emblem: Three Houses or SaGa Frontier playthrough from Mid-April until Mid-July.
    3. A Skyward Sword playthrough in July.

    Stay tuned for updates!

  6. Is that the plan for the playthroughs? I wish they put Wind Waker on the Switch. My Wiiu fan is busted so I either have to get it replaced or transfer it to another Wiiu

  7. I would definitely like to do a SaGa Frontier playthrough too. I didn’t spend that much time on it when it was originally released, and looking forward to getting deeper this time.

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