TSM Episode 596: Chess II

From the creators of BOOK, experience the highly-acclaimed sequel, MOVIE.
One of Caspius’ chess sets.

Download Link: Released 2020.07.27

Following a JRPG-studded series of game announcements, Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Mel develop an acute case of optimism about the state of the industry; and, their jollity is only increased when they learn of the sequel to Caspius’ favourite game: Chess.


  1. I kind of prefer the original version of Dragon Quest XI, where you wouldn’t knock off to help Tockles, but there are welcome additions too. Agree with Caspius – the MIDI soundtrack was mostly fine except for the grander scenes. But the additions are welcome, and I’ve started new playthroughs in both versions on the Switch. I won’t be buying it a third time, but it might have been nice if you could buy the new version at a discount like Capcom has been doing with Street Fighter V.

  2. If the additions were only some optional material exterior to the main story, I would understand that. But that would be essentially an ‘expansion’, akin to FFXV Rrrrroyal Edition. In this case, not only has the main story been substantially expanded, even the mechanics of the game have been altered (indeed, an entire game mode has been added which one can utilise from beginning to end!), so that the result is similar to a Persona FES/Golden/Royal production, rather than a mere expansion including only some additional, optional content.

    In an ideal world, every game would be free! But one also has to take into account that there are companies in the industry that charge full price for any re-release, however marginal, so I try to be thoughtful about how it is implemented and what seems to me to be fair. I’ve never thought Atlus’ approach with Persona was punitive, so it would be inconsistent for me to complain when SE does the same thing with Dragon Quest.

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