TSM Episode 573: Reactor Fidelity

Indeed, map layout seems to be one of the rare points where fidelity to the original was carefully maintained.
In a surprise bit of good news, the layout of the reactor intertiors is largely unchanged.

Download Link: Released 2020.02.17

Caspius and a now-recovered SiliconNooB nearly come to blows over the correct difficulty level for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but find common ground over mutual dislike of the latest Final Fantasy VII Remake details regarding side-quests and missions.


  1. I’m on the side-with-Edelgard route. She is Best Girl, and a strong class president. Also, make a separate save in Chapter 11 and start again from that save to do the Church route later.

  2. Do that!! It’s SO much more fun. Started playing with rewind and no permadeath. Didn’t care at all. “Oh noes I don’t like this game”.

    Did permadeath. “Okay I think I enjoy this now”.

    Decided to do no rewind, Claude or Professor dies you get game over and start all over on a fresh run. “Okay I’m obsessed, I love this!!”

    And my restarting was actually my own fault. I didn’t know Claude was weak to the flying things. If I had paid more attention I would know. Now I know.

    Get good.

  3. Fire Emblem games already have Permadeath (now called Classic mode–that is the mode I play on Hard difficulty, and this is my first playthrough). In addition, in Classic Mode, the game itself does not allow players to battle-rewind time and prevent the death of the main character or the chosen House Leader. It isn’t something players have to restrict themselves from doing.

    Permadeath/Classic is not the same thing as a players forcing themselves to delete their save files and then starting the entire game over if the main character dies.

    Frankly, that is not a reasonable option because there are too many random things that happen during battle about which there is no warning (for example, the first ‘surprise! Now fight a dragon!). I’m not going to delete my save file and restart a 40+ hour RPG if one of them surprises me and kills my character. In addition, there is more game stuff outside of battles than in them, which makes it unbalanced to wager all that non-battle progress on random events in a battle.

    Forcing myself to restart the game over and over isn’t going to ‘make me care more’. It will make me hate the game. I don’t want to lose all of my progress and endlessly replay the first part of the game again and again whenever something happens that I could not have predicted. It’s an RPG, not a roguelike. So far, I have had only one Game Over back in Chapter 2 or so, but if I had to start the entire game over again I would not be playing FE anymore right now.

    That’s not ‘git gud’. That’s realising that the game deliberately surprises people in battles and the designers gave players a save file so that they can restart if they don’t want want to play the game with an FAQ or a trial-and-error mentality.

    Consider that if Guy A dies and deletes his save file and restarts the entire game to replay the same battle without losing a character, and Guy B restarts from a save to replay a battle without losing a character, *both* A and B have beaten the battle on the second try. So much for A being ‘better’ at Fire Emblem than B! The only difference is that A is going to take a lot longer than B to achieve precisely the same result in exactly the same number of attempts.

  4. Well I never expected a single soul other than myself to do it honestly. I seem to have completely whacky taste compared to everyone else. So yeah thaf was more a joke honestly. It’s just how my enjoyment works apprently because it made it go from a game I enjoyed to a game I love instantly. I realise you achieve exactly the same thing by reatarting a savefile. It’s just not as fun to me.

  5. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t play it however you like. I am instead suggesting that it is not sensible to say “get good” because someone doesn’t want to restart the game from the very beginning. It doesn’t take any more skill to beat a battle in two tries with restarting then it does to beat the same battle in two tries without restarting. Penalties and difficulty are separate things.

    This is different from comparing easy mode to hard mode: one of them takes more skill to clear, regardless of the number of tries. And it is different from comparing casual to classic: one of them lets incautious players to advance in the same way as a more skilled player; the other does not.

    For my part, I have little enough leisure time as it is, and there are a lot of other games that I would like to be able to complete – and more coming out. I don’t have the time to artificially increase the amount of time it takes to achieve exactly the same goal as playing normally, without any commensurate increase in the skill level required to achieve the same goal.

    That doesn’t mean that you don’t have the time or the desire, so have at it!

  6. Ah no that was just a joking comment, but definitely a bad one I see xD I don’t think it’s a better way of playing or anything like that. I think the only important thing in games is finding how you like to play them and whether that is easy, hard, insanity whatever it is. It doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is what is fun and enjoyable to the individual. So that was a bad joke, I’m sorry.
    I meant it forces me to learn things in another way. So this new run because I’m a slow learner I missed out on huge parts of what it taught me last time. So now I’m doing better than last run with less people dying. So in that sense it’s «get good» but only for me and more in a joking sense. And not in a way that I’m better than others! But in the sense I have learned more and better than last time :) I’m not good at tactical thinking and it takes time for me to learn. But Fire Emblem isn’t as much about getting to the end for me as it is just seeing how far I can get and enjoying the experience. It doesn’t matter if it takes years for me if I have fun. But I also see how it definitely matters differently to everyone else of course.

    It’s interesting however the changes you describe in hard mode. I’m fairly new to Fire Emblem. Only other experience was gba so I didn’t know what hard mode entailed.

  7. Now that I read my first comment again I definitely see I worded that completely wrong. It was meant jokingly, but definitely read completely different than I thought it in my head when I reacted to listening to the podcast. I’m really sorry it wasn’t meant like it was written at all.

  8. (And meant as a comment to me and my journey with the game, not to you of course but it didn’t come through in the comment)

  9. @Winter: No apology required! I just wanted to make sure that we were separating just criticism (of SiliconNooB) from unjust criticism (of anyone else). No worries! ;)

    In fact, if anything, I should apologise if the complexity and strenuousness of my response suggested that I was upset. Academics are trained to make their cases forcefully and with overwhelming evidence, and in a critical tone which does not suggest pleasantness. I often forget that it is not how normal people communicate, and that it can seem harsh to nonacademic readers. Apologies if you were worried!

  10. Haha okay. Sometimes I listen to a podcast and I respond to things and forget that the podcast isn’t instantly so it isn’t clear what I’m responding to. Should probably only write to myself too when having a fever xD Been doing some strange things today like putting dried herbs in the fridge xD

  11. I think we did a live podcast once, maybe even a few, but hardly anyone was in the chat so in the end we decided to stop. It’s one of those things we should revisit as a special: maybe this summer…

  12. That would be fun! The time difference I think is often maybe an issue with such live shows? But if it’s announced a little beforehand it’s easier to adjust ^^

  13. We have a few plans for live content this summer–I’ll add ‘podcasts’ to the list of options. Whatever we do, we’ll announce it on the site well in advance.

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