TSM Episode 566: Xbox Nein!

Coming soon, the Microsoft Xbox NCC 1701-E.
Microsoft presents the Xbox. THE Xbox. No bloody -A, -B, -C, or -D.

Download Link: Released 2019.12.30

With the design of a 1990s subwoofer, the Xbox Series X–now called simply ‘Xbox’–is unveiled by Microsoft to the consternation of Caspius and SiliconNooB, who wonder if there is a German reason why companies shy away from releasing ‘version 9’ products.


  1. As I look back on the last decade and all of the changes and situations I’ve been through, one constant has been listening to the Megaphones Ahoy!/Starlight Megaphone Podcast every Sunday night to Monday morning. Thank you for all of the entertainment over the years, and I wish a happy near year to you and your family!

  2. @Tanzenmatt: We’re so glad to have you along for the ride!

    We should put together a COMMEMORATIVE PIN for all those listeners who have put in ten full years of service! And, appropriately enough, it would come without a backing, so that it could be worn DIRECTLY on one’s forehead!

  3. Given that there are mere minutes (albeit still quite a few of them) left in this decade, I suppose it would be prudent of me to break the habits of a decade and finally post something on the site. While I have listened to every episode of MAP/TSM and followed the growth of the site over the last ten years, I am cringingly aware that, outside of a few red wine-fueled exchanges on Discord, my active participation at Caspius.com/TDT has been very limited. I just wanted to express that, despite my personal failings, I have honestly adored being even an inconsequentially vicarious part of this site and podcast’s development over the last decade. It’s been fascinating to see the evolution from the slightly juvenile, rambunctious but well-meaning banter of the early days, through to the well-meaning but rampant Australian alcoholism of recent days. In today’s hyper-sensitive times, I’m not even sure you lot would get away with half the stuff you used to talk about back at the start of the decade, which is sad. I must admit that I do still miss midget tits. But then, I am pretty much due for a midlife crisis. Nonetheless, talk of SiliconNoob’s ‘thingy’ will do just fine for the time being.

    As an aside, whilst en route to Thailand last summer, I had to stop at Abu Dhabi, and decided to check my favourite websites in order to kill some time while waiting for the connecting flight. Being a lazy Brit, my bookmark still pointed to Caspius.com, which at that time was still bouncing said lazy Brits to the correct address. I’m sure you’ll be proud to hear that my attempt to access the site revealed that it was blocked throughout the entirety of the United Arab Emirates due to ‘inappropriate content’. They didn’t specify if this was because of general hellish connotations or just a general aversion to cats. Possibly it was both. Either way, you should probably be proud.

    …although it may just have been due to rampant Australian alcoholism, now that I think of it.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the best in your future academic endeavours, and here’s to at least another decade of Caspiusian (?) videogame journalism.

  4. In today’s hyper-sensitive times, I’m not even sure you lot would get away with half the stuff you used to talk about back at the start of the decade, which is sad.

    What did we use to talk about? I will be sure to mention it next episode.

  5. @Lemming Stu: Thanks, matey! We’re glad to be here for your listening enjoyment!*

    *enjoyment not guaranteed

  6. Mr. Caspius, your lab tests came back. It’s as we feared. You’ve caught the Xbonex virus.

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