TSM Episode 529: New Podcast+

Having the power to kill Lavos right away is worth the effort.
Chrono Trigger is still the best New Game+ Mode.

Download Link: Released 2019.04.15

The panel discusses the best and worst implementations of New Game+ mode in RPGs, and what they would like developers to consider in order to avoid the pitfalls of Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, and instead reach the same level of success as Chrono Trigger.


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  2. So, does new podcast+ mean we get the secret new cohorts appearing with a hardcore secret siteboss?

  3. So, does new podcast+ mean we get the secret new cohorts appearing with a hardcore secret siteboss?

    Yes, beginning new podcast+ unlocks Nate Liles trying to make you smell his finger!

  4. I think what I want for NG+ is probably individual from game to game. I have just started my Xenoblade Chronicles 2 NG + and for me it’s more about getting the added extra stuff and continuing what I was doing, spending more hours roaming this single player MMO and less about the story. Except Tora of course. It’s all about experiencing Tora again
    For Final Fantasy VII which I now realise I have spent a collected 100 hours + between two playthroughs this year, it would make more sense to have weapons in NG+. But no, you have to trek all te way down, get items, all the way up. Possibly defeating the Weapons (I guess I will find out if it’s possible with the materia combinationsI have available). And then go back to defeat Sephy which I imagine you just have to breath on at that point. Or do like I will. Defeat him, log my materia lockdown run, open my save and then attempt them.

    So I guess it depends. In some games I want it easier, in other I want a challenge. Or maybe better. Breeze through the story and go for the tough stuff.

  5. If I’ve put 40-70 hours into an RPG then I don’t want NG+ to simply be “do it again with with all your end-game stuff”. NG+ should offer something unique that cannot otherwise be found in a first playthrough. Give me a reason to play a second time rather than making the second time easier.

  6. What Imitanis said. “Easy mode” is definitely not what I want from my games. New Game+ should be where the ultra-hard optional content is located: stuff that is impossible in a normal playthrough, but within reach with the benefits of a second run through the game.

  7. I just enjoy playing a fantastic game from the beginning, over and over again, without anything different. I guess it’s okay if you play from the beginning and it’s more challenging, but I’d also like if it were easier so you can blaze through it quickly. Any way is fine, or no NG+ is fine, as long as the title begins with “Chrono” and also ends with “Trigger.” It would also conceivably be okay if it began with “Dragon” and ended with “Quest” (or “Warrior” if you’re nasty).

  8. While I haven’t bothered with a NG+ mode in a long time (I have enough issue even sticking with a game long enough to complete it a FIRST time these days), the ones I used to enjoy were those which let me approach the full game with the same tactical tools that in the first playthrough were only available to me in the later sections. Of course, this was only enjoyable when the difficulty was adjusted accordingly.

  9. @Billy: Love the FFXI icon!
    If the difficulty isn’t adjusted in NG+, battles end up feeling like a constant chore: there’s no challenge, nothing to gain from them, and they interrupt one’s expeditious travel to the end of the game. So having the NG+ be harder in some ways seems to me to be essential (or, give players an item to allow them to avoid random encounters).

  10. Great podcast, guys!

    I generally agree with Imitanis in that NG+ should offer additional gameplay challenges. The master quest for OOT and the original Zelda are also good examples. I’d like to throw in a potential discussion question—what are people’s thoughts on some of the rerelease bonus dungeon/content, such as the Gameboy Advance final fantasy rereleases, and the HD remaster bonus content? I liked the extra dungeons in FF6 advance, particularly the dragon dungeon.

  11. @PubPibbs: Yep! Largely along the lines of what SN and I thought! I have some follow-up considerations regarding what this means for the future of CV to share in the next podcast . . .

    @Fumunshu: Your discussion content will feature on our EASTER podcast. :D

    @Winter: This time I mean it! For real! Really for real, I mean it. This time! THIS TIME I MEAN IT!

  12. If you do, does that mean you’ll have to buy Silicon Moon’s alcohol for a full year?

  13. 2019 stretch goal confirmed. Stretch LITERALLY in this sense, as I doubt we’ll be able to find a schoolgirl uniform big enough for an Australian.

  14. Tales of Vesperia lets you buy things in a new game plus menu such as 10x experience, carrying over everything in the game, harder difficulty and lots of other interesting things. When you beat the game and see there is new game plus, it’s kind of a mindblow because you’ve been getting these “grade” points in every battle depending on how well you do, and they never tell you what that is. Then you start new game plus and all those grade points you accumulated are available to spend on things in the grade shop and it’s like, ” WHOOOOOA!”

  15. @PubPibs: Just scroll down the page, mate. It went live at midnight, it’s just not stickied yet.

    Alternatively (and better still!) subscribe via iTunes!

  16. @Zoltan: That sounded really good at first until I realised that if I missed out on something by some tiny margin of grade points because I didn’t understand their use or know that I would need them, I would be pretty upset!

  17. But you can just load the save, get more grade, save again, and then restart new game plus. Unless you saved your new game over your cleared game. Then, it’s too late. But you check out the shop before you have a chance to save, so you should be safe. It’s crazy though, because if you go through the entire game, you might have 1000 grade, and to get everything in the shop is about 15,000. So then you want to go back and find a way to farm the stuff, which you can do in a few hours.

  18. I know I’m late (was moving – first time homebuyer!) , but I still wanted to comment and chime in!

    Instead of New Game Plus, games like Sekiro should have New Game Minus for all of the whiny journo types. New Game Minus provides the user with a very simple set of instructions. It involves removing the game from your system and selling it off. Then a gamer that actually wants to play the game rather than wag their finger at the developer for not crafting their game to their own specific idea of what it “should” be can do so. This frees the burdened user from the shackles of practicing and improving at something that takes a modicum of effort, and allows them to go back to writing about politics in the Phillipines.

    I think NG+ modes should have some things like collected lore entries unlocked right from the beginning. Games that have collectibles should carry over as well, since hunting those down is often just busywork. Sometimes those can have a minor effect on the game as well, such as, say, having all of the Al Bhed letters in FFX already acquired. Games like Atelier or anything with a crafting/recipe system should allow all collected recipes to carry over.

    The original Nier handled NG+ very well, as did Automata. In Nier 1, there are extra cutscenes added throughout NG+, that add extra context to the story, and make you see the events that you’re going through in a completely different light. It was very well done. In Automata, the first playthrough is done as 2B, whereas in NG+, you are playing as 9S, who has a different play style than 2B, including a combat mechanic that 2B does not have access to. There are parts of the game that you are repeating, but there are also completely new areas to explore when the plot splits up the characters, which also fills out the story a lot more.

    Still going through the podcasts that I missed, will add more later!

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