News: A Labo of Love

Nintendo Throws Hat into VR Arena

For those who thought they had seen the last of Nintendo’s sales flop Labo, boy does TDT have some bad news for you! There is of course similarly bad news to have for folks who thought they had seen the last of VR, following on from its dramatic bombing on PS4. Nintendo has somehow managed to shit together the worst of both worlds by introducing Labo VR, a contraption that converts your Switch into a super low resolution cardboard based VR headset for $80! It is the perfect way to enjoy those chunky pixels right up close!

The children, I mean.
I hope they all catch fire.

Readers may recall that PSVR was compared unfavourably to the competition from the start owing to its low resolution of 960×1080 per eye. Well, the gaming world has seen nothing yet, what with Labo VR‘s absolute maximum resolution being a crisp 640×720 per eye (and probably running at 30fps). Nintendo probably should have thought to create a $60 Labo Sickbag Creator’s Kit to go along with Labo VR. PSVR has been on the market for almost two and a half years now, and despite having a large library of shovelware, there are still scarcely a handful of enticing experiences to be had on the platform, so it is difficult to see Nintendo making a better go of it. Then again, perhaps Nintendo’s horrible, broken implementation is just what the market was waiting for in order to see VR finally take off. One has been predicting various Nintendo failures since the Switch was unveiled, only to be confounded at every turn, so perhaps this will be just the same. It looks bloody awful though. Labo VR will be releasing on April 12th of this year, a fine April fool’s joke!

Devil May Cry 5 Censored

Sony’s anti-Japanese prejudice has struck again. In the wake of Kaz Hirai’s retirement autonymy was transferred away from Sony’s many worldwide corporate entities, and concentrated solely in the toilet bowl known as Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), which is located in America’s capital of Poz, California, and is staffed almost exclusively by sex-negative Marxists who cannot stand the sight of the female form, unless it is obese and / or massively gay. As such they are exclusively responsible for the worldwide approval of Playstation releases, and have taken the kosh to Japanese releases on Sony’s machine – because they hate Japanese people.

California's official State animal is probably a toothbrush!
Here is the scene that Shitbag Sony was so desperate to censor.

It would seem that the latest victim of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s racist Californian policies is Devil May Cry 5. It would also seem that it is no longer even permissible for a Japanese game to show an attractive female butt, as a lensflare floods the screen in order to obscure Trish’s naked butt in the Sony version of the game. Needless to say that gamers who bought the game on Xbox and PC platforms encountered no such censorship. Nice going Sony, you fuckwits.

Of course this edit has been made to a game that has already been rated M17+ by the ESRB for “Blood, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Violence“. The censorship has had no bearing on the PS4 version’s rating of course, but taking a chisel to the game was absolutely necessary in getting Soyny to give the game an OK for release on Playstation. This is all so very tiresome. By all reports the game is excellent (if a little short), but shit like this takes all the wind out of one’s sails in terms of purchase intent. This is no fault of Capcom’s, but regardless this author will likely just wait for the game to go on sale.

Tekken Director Frustrated At Being Attacked By Sex-Negative Ghouls

It is all just so very tiresome. This author is very tired of being condescended to by the Communists working at the Shitbag Sony headquarters in California, and equally longtime Tekken producer/director Katsuhiro Harada is incredibly tired at getting bitched out by internet creeps every time he introduces a cute new female character to the Tekken franchise. This much became readily apparent when he was asked by a fan on Twitter whether it would be possible to create a nordic character for a future entry in the series:

Cute girls doing cute things are pretty much the best!
Anyone who hates Lucky Chloe pretty much doesn’t have a soul tbh.

@blackspysky: First of i must thank you for the great things you Done and represent in tekken and in fighting games. I want to ask if there is a chance for a nordic fighter viking in tekken. :) i think that almost all kinds of nationality in tekken legasy is Done :)

@Harada_TEKKEN: I’d like to challenge such a theme design. However, the time has come when the challenge is very difficult. Because there are people who complain about characteristic design as “This is a stereotype!”

The individual (or culture) identity will become homogenized. Perhaps everyone around the world should just wear T-shirts and jeans. The shirts should be plain, with nothing on it. If there is a design, it could offend someone somewhere, right?

I’ve become quite tired of trying to avoid causing potential offense issues.


@Mr13XIII: Those people doesn’t represent the whole consumer, just do what you want to do.

@Harada_TEKKEN: Yeah, Ultimately I will choose what we want to do.

It is not difficult to hear how tired he is of this whole situation. It makes complete sense. We are all weary of having to deal with Clown World. Harada has been attacked online since about 2014 when he revealed the cute-as-a-button character Lucky Chloe, which drove the NPCs apoplectic because she made them all the more aware of their own abject ugliness. That time Harada went on to repeatedly troll Neogaf by insisting that he would design a musclebound skinhead just for them:

By the way, are you ‘Western’ only one bulletin board? Hello small world. I’ll make muscular & skinhead character for you. Remember, I said we’ve more new characters and She is ONE on THEM.

Tired as he may be, it is quite relieving to see that based Harada is still sticking to his guns. Dead or Alive‘s Yohei Shimbori seems to constantly waver between wanting to eliminate all fan service from his games, and then quickly adding it all back in before release – which has been a source of great confusion for potential customers. It is difficult to fathom exactly how this nonsense has been allowed to carry on for as long as it has, when clearly it is against the interests of the customer, but hopefully when all has run its course those responsible will be set aflame atop great heaps of the vidya, comics, and movies that they have helped to poz.


  1. By all reports the game is excellent (if a little short), but shit like this takes all the wind out of one’s sails in terms of purchase intent. This is no fault of Capcom’s, but regardless this author will likely just wait for the game to go on sale.

    The only thing offensive on the screen is the lens flare. I am offended by that. Won’t someone think of my eyes?

    “Yeah, Ultimately I will choose what we want to do.


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