TSM Episode 487: The Obscenity of Catullus

The origin of eternal verse.
The Eternal City

Download Link: Released 2018.06.25

When the frigid cold (0c) of the Australian winter agitates SiliconNooB into attacking the readers with demands of hard currency and frosty beer, Caspius valiantly checks the S’NooB assault with the sharp-tongued verse of the Roman poet Catullus.


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  2. I’ve really enjoyed the past couple Literaturplatze! The Fagles translation of Iliad is really different from the Fitzgerald translation I own, and the Cautullus was just beautiful. I’ll have to look more into him. More ancient and medieval poetry whenever you feel like it, please!

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  3. Thanks, Tanzenmatt! Here’s hoping! ONLY FIVE DAYS LEFT. :o

  4. @Reetin / @Imitanis: AGREED!

    @Durga: Rome is eternal.

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