TSM Episode 483: The Summer Test

Hope springs eternal in the England fan's breast. Unfortunately, defeat springs eternal from REALITY.
Summer: a time of hope and (for England fans) inevitable defeat.

Download Link: Released 2018.05.28

As England begun the ritual of losing their first test of the summer, Caspius and SiliconNooB prepare the site staff for the difficult task of selecting the reader-chosen games which will test Caspius at the conclusion of the Summer Donation Drive.


  1. It’s good to hear how jolly SN and Reetin are just before they sat down to deliver that list of shit games to my desk.

  2. I would just like to thank the staff (and apologize to Caspius) for considering my game suggestions, as it looks like a couple made it on the list. One of the many reasons I still read articles published on this site and enjoy the weekly podcast is the appreciation The Day Tonight staff has for it’s readers/listeners. I look forward to contributing to this year’s donation drive. Y’all really are a great bunch of content providers.

  3. @Fumunshu: we do our best to do the job right! I take the creation of the list very seriously, as the staff will readily acknowledge. But the results are always good, and we make every effort to ensure that the top game on the list will result in an absolutely phenomenal review. Undertale is a special little turd—I hate absolutely everything about it, I hate the developers, I hate the smugly self-satisfied ideology that produced it, and I hate the people who defend it. If I have to play it, my review will glow hotter than a volcanic heart.

  4. Ii wondered how many threats were made by Jean Phillipe gave to avoid Fable and Castlevania 64.

  5. @PubPibbs: I have already played and reviewed Fable 1. The other games in the series are all Xobx console only, and I don’t own any Xbox systems. The suggestion guidelines specify which systems I own for that reason.

    CV64 does not work in a reviewable way under emulation with any of the methods we’ve tried, and it is not on Virtual console. I’ve also played through it several times (I owned and completed both it and its expanded version, Legacy of Darkness, when I had an N64), so it is lower-order than things which I really dislike or have never played.

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